Just the two of us…

This picture was taken yesterday.

Daughter and Me

It’s a photo of my lovely daughter and me, right before we took her to the Middle School dance at our Lutheran church.

The BF was over for a few hours and so he drove (while I rode along of course) her to the event.

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Vegan: Loving my Chana Masala

A few days ago, I made this delightful Indian dish.

Chana Masala


It wasn’t as colorful as I would have liked, but it still was delicious, and there were leftovers. The garbanzo (chick peas) had been made last week. I had made a large batch in my 8 qt. Presto pressure cooker and just froze what I didn’t use immediately.

Earlier this week, I took out some of the beans and added them to the above dish. Making the basic staples for a dish in large quantities means you still get a home cooked meal, once you add a few extras. Simple, nutritious, delicious and ready to be served in minutes..

Happy Earth Day 2015



You know, I think we should respect our earth every single day. God has created an amazing world, it seems only fitting that we should be respectful of it, right?

Dating: Another adventure…

For the past few months, it’s been unusually quiet on all my personal sites. I’ve been immersing myself in what I love, crafting and I am also dating. Most importantly, for me, is he’s a Christian. He’s Catholic. He’s 6′, and he’s Lithuanian, Italian and Polish. We went to High School together and we were in the same grade.

A lot of the surprises aren’t there since we’ve known one another for 28 years.  In our high school days, I knew him as the class clown, I thought he was very attractive (still think that) but he was way too nutty for me, even if my parents had allowed me to date in High School.

Fast forward to the present, and I must say that I love the man he’s turned into. My daughter has met and approved of the BF. my brother, who was in the same grade as us  and approves of him too. He’s met my parents, I’ve met his along with many of his other relatives.

But back to my daughter’s approval… there’s no way, I’d be dating him if she didn’t like him. She loves him. He loves her. My daughter and me are a package deal. We normally do something twice weekly. Half of the outings include my daughter, in fact the pictures I posted recently of the Pen Mar park, was something we all did together.

I definitely wasn’t expecting to be in a relationship. When my friends/acquaintances would ask, I’d say, “That man will literally have to fall in my path. I’m not looking, I’m relying on God to lead the right man to me, and if he doesn’t I’ll be content.” Well, God chose the man for me and so I’m relying on him.

You know… I really hate the term boyfriend/girlfriend since we both feel it does not describe where we are at, but until I can think of an appropriate title, here at Celebrate Life he’ll be the BF, ok?

A Bit of Humor…


One lovely Sunday…

Yesterday, after church, we went for a drive and here was our destination.

Beautiful View_1 4.12.15

View from High Rock at Pen Mar State Park


I must say, it was beautiful.


Daughter 4.12.15

My daughter enjoying the view at High Rock in Pen Mar State Park.


My daughter laid out on her stomach. An indication that she is happy with her surroundings.

Beautiful View_3 4.12.15

A couple on the edge of High Rock at Pen Mar State Park


There were other couples that were enjoying the beauty that God has on display.

I savored every single moment…


Another skin update

Well here’s a side profile, can you see the improvements.

Side Profile 3.4.15

Eventually, I will have to do a collage so you can really see the improvements in my T-Zone area.

Skin Routine_6 2.12.15

However, thus far, I’m liking what is happening. With my brown skin, hyperpigmentation has occasionally been an issue especially since I love being in the sun, and at times, don’t make sure to wear sunscreen. Well, I’m thrilled to say that not wearing sun protection is a thing of the past. I make my own sunscreen, eventually I’ll share a simple sunscreen recipe here on my website.