Mini Beet Protocol – Update

The past few weeks, I’ve been incorporating the mini beet protocol into my daily routine.  I first heard about this method from Robert von Sarbacher’s website.

If you read the article, you’ll see that there are a lot of claims made about the mini beet protocol. Since I juice daily, I thought I’d add beets to the mix. Well.. it’s been a few weeks and I will say that I’ve seen some improvements to my already healthy lifestyle.

But more about that in a later post. Check out the interview that Extreme Health Radio did with Robert Sorbacher.

July juice cleanse

I’m doing another juice cleanse. I must say that I really enjoy taking a break from solids throughout the year. I’m definitely not depriving my body of nutrients since I getting nutrients in a super concentrated form thanks to the variety of freshly prepared juices I consume throughout the day. Of course I’m still exercising and slipping in sauna sessions too. All those combined give me more energy than normal. Which is saying a lot, since I already have a high amount of energy.

My Workout/Office Bottles: Klean Kanteen

Kleen-Kanteen-Loop-Cap-Bottle-40-ozWhether I’m heading to work or going to the gym, you’ll always see with my faithful companion, my stainless steel Klean Kanteen. I’m not too fond of plastic, I can always taste the “plasticy” taste even in the ones that are supposedly BPA free.  There quite a few studies that seem to suggest that “BPA free” aren’t as safe as some might have though.

But back to my stainless steel bottles. The one I take to the office holds 40 ounces of liquid and the bottle that accompanies me to the gym holds 64 ounces.

Earlier this week, I ordered one more 40 oz  Klean Kanteen. Judging by UPS tracking, It arrived this morning.  This will be one of my little gifts for my father. His birthday is next week, but I’m giving it to him today. My dad will be 75, he’s still very muscular and physically active. Lord willing, I’ll be a lot like him at that age. He can use it when he goes to the gym.

Kleen Kanteen All Stainless Steel Loop Cap

I also ordered two stainless steel bottle caps to replace a few of the stainless steel/plastic caps I own.

Over the years, I’ve given a few away of the Klean Kanteen bottles. I must say that they were much appreciated by their recipients. These are well constructed stainless steel bottles. Besides a few dings that my workout bottle receives from being banged around, they are doing well and will continue to serve me well for several more years.

Random Silliness…

I adore Siberian huskies and I love corny jokes…

Combine the two and this is what you get!


Nobody Knows


I can’t take credit for this, it appeared on my Facebook page.

Christian Horror Writer: Frank Peretti

Since I was a young child, I’ve been a huge fan of horror books. I consumed my first book, The Shining by Stephen King, when I was eight years old, but the books that I’ve read that were written by Christians were slim. The Last Sin Eater is one of those books. To be honest, I didn’t know a “Christian writer” wrote it at the time. I just knew the writer had a fairly good grasp of Christianity and did an excellent job of weaving in some of the beliefs into the book. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I discovered the writer is a Christian.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how “good” a Christian writer within this genre could do. If you think about it, it’s not that big of a stretch, The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Legion, Constantine, Fallen, The Rite, are just a few that have strong Christian themes and they have done very well.

This past Friday evening, I did a web search, and was pleasantly surprised to find horror books written by Christians! I checked out a few of the authors via the reviews on Amazon and promptly ordered  four books based on the “Look Inside” feature offered by Amazon. Three of the books I purchased were by the author Frank Peretti.

The Oath - Frank Peretti

This past Friday, the first virtual book I started reading was The Oath by Frank Peretti. Frank Peretti is a “new to me” author. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the ebook (562 pages). Peretti reminds me of Grisham in that there are so many crucial elements that are woven into this story; I enjoyed it immensely. I’m a fast reader and I devoured that book by within a few days (finished on Sunday).

The Visitation - Frank Perretti

Yesterday, I started reading The Visitation, which is also by Frank Peretti. I’ve only read a few pages, but am really enjoying it thus far. I will say that if you did not “know” that Frank Peretti was Christian, you might not know that he was Christian but you would know there was a Christian theme within the book.

I must say that I’m pleased to learn that a few of Frank Peretti’s books have been made into movies. Earlier today, I ordered his movie “The Visitation”. I won’t watch the movie until I finish the book. I should be finished reading before the weekend.

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised to see that Edward Furlong and Randy Travis are in the movie. I can’t wait to see it, based on the reviews I should enjoy it immensely.

Juicing Adventures: Let food be thy medicine…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

I imagine that many people don’t think of “medicine” as being a good thing. But I do consider my food to be my “medicine”.  I mainly consume whole foods, which means I eat as close to the foods natural source as possible. It also means, that whenever possible I choose food that is free of chemicals.

Earlier today I turned this produce

Produce for Juicing

Produce fresh from our garden!

into this…

Produce from Juice

Of course,  some of the juice went into my daughters thermos today. It is her last day of Art Camp.
Juicing - Thermos

I juice in the morning. At that time, I make enough to last me the entire day.

Strafe: Set it Off

I haven’t heard this in years… I’m still enjoying it today.