It’s getting kind of hectic

Where did this past week go? Besides my busy work week, when I arrived home the sewing of Passion Play costumes was on my mind, material was in my hands as I fed it to the my Brother sewing machine.

Of course, by the time I was sewing, the material had been washed, cut and eventually the fabric started looking like robes from a time long past and then something happened. Hours later, after dutifully feeding the fabric to my sewing machine I feel in love with the sewing process again. Sure I like sewing, but this past weekend was different. I reconnected with an emotion that I haven’t experienced in a long time with sewing and I do believe that sewing will be competing with weaving and knitting. Guess what? I stayed up until 3:15 a.m. Saturday morning, sewing! The good news is the bulk of the sewing for the Passion Play was finished and that only leaves the extras;  a vest, belt and one head piece. That will be completed within the next few days.

Because of my busy schedule I didn’t get around to posting a Totally Raw Thursday post, but I will be doing so this week.

Avicii – Hey Brother

I love this song and really like that it’s pro military. I don’t agree with all the wars that the United States has been involved with throughout the years

However, I do realize that the freedom that many of us take for granted would not be ours without some of those wars. Regardless of whether a war is “right” or “wrong” it still doesn’t take away from the respect that I have for most that serve within the military deserve.

What’s in your food?

I’ve stumbled upon this video before and while some might be impressed by the modern factory  farms. I’m not, it doesn’t strike me as progress.

In our fast paced society, where we have to tamper with things to make them better wouldn’t it be foolish to think that the chemicals that are pumped into animals aren’t passed on to those who consume them?

I’d think that it would be much better to consume animals that didn’t have the added enhancements, right?

Does a healthy person need to do additional cleansing?

One aspect of cleansing that some might not like is the garbage we can uncover when we eliminate. Rather than being turned off by this process, It fascinates me. I’m amazed at the changes we can witness when we really focus on cleansing.

I eat extremely healthy. Only whole foods, no fake foods/meats, processed sugars, etc.  My intake is high raw but I realize what I eat is only part of the equation. Equally important is keeping my body healthy through exercise, my mind healthy by being positive and my spiritual health vibrant by having a close relationship with Christ. I believe, all these are important for individuals.

Even with all that, I’ve found that I need to do additional cleanses. The reasoning behind this (for me at least) is simple. We’re bombarded with a variety of chemicals through our environment and though my bodies do cleanse, I’m skeptical that it can handle the amount of unhealthy toxins that we are exposed too. Seeing what has come out (and chatting with other like minded folks) is an indication that at times we do need to kick it up a few notches.

Besides following a whole/high raw foods eating lifestyle I also add juice fasts and enemas into the mix and as with anything else I’ve done countless research before deciding that they are right for myself.

Some might view this as extreme but I see it as the way we all should eat. Also, the impact it has had on my health is a powerful persuader. I’ve mentioned often before, that initially it was hard to imagine I could feel any better than I already do, but adding the ‘extra’s to help my body out has done just that.

Recently, I stumbled upon Dr. Emil K. Schandl on Youtube. I really enjoy watching him on YouTube. He talked about the importance of doing cleansing even if you’re in ‘pristine health.’ Interesting indeed…

Dr. Emil K. Schandl, is a clinical biochemist and oncobiologist based in Hollywood, Florida. Lot’s of great information about this man and I’m interested in learning more.

Since I’m always looking to increase my knowledge about natural remedies I purchased the book, The Oil That Heals: A Physician’s Successes With Castor Oil Treatments. While I’m familiar with castor oil and its health benefits, I know there’s still a lot to learn. This should be an interesting read.

The Oil That Heals

Castor oil… my does that bring back memories! As a child, my mother would give my brother and me a spoonful of it almost every single day. Blech! It wasn’t a punishment, she knew about the benefits of castor oil and she wanted to make sure we received them. Gee… thanks mom!

castor oil comic

My mother did (eventually) upgrade castor oil to cod liver oil, still vile tasting stuff but not nearly as disgusting as castor oil. I will say that my brother and I rarely had an issue with constipation. ;)

Book Giveaway: Rawvolution by Matt Amsden

Well, I’m a few days late for this aren’t I? The Passion Play is right around the corner and I’m still sewing costumes. I also had a sore throat for a day or two but I feel much better now. To say it’s been busy, would be an understatement, but I’m still staying positive and moving forward!

I do believe I have a book to give away, right?


Here’s the book, Rawvolution by Matt Amsden. Matt Amsden is a raw food chef

Taken from his site…

Matt began eating a diet of exclusively raw foods virtually overnight after hearing a radio interview, with author David Wolfe, in 1998. Soon after, Matt started the world’s first raw meal delivery service, and along with his wife Janabai, a raw café in Santa Monica, California. Matt has shared his talent with thousands including Alicia Silverstone, Cher, Susan Sarandon and super-model Carol Alt.

This giveaway will be open for the month of April. Keep checking back to this entry since I might add something else to this giveaway or include it as a separate giveaway.

How do I enter the Book giveaway?

  1. Leave a comment in the comment section letting me know some of your favorite raw foods and link back to this post on your own site. The types of raw food you like  doesn’t have to be gourmet raw food, it could be a special salad, fruit, veggies, etc.
  2. If you include a raw food recipe post on your site, and link back to this post you receive another entry.

I’ll be using the random numbers generator to determine the winner.

Contest Ends Wednesday, April 30

Carlos Whittaker receives an unexpected freestyle performance from Danny (homeless man); Carribean style

Listening to this unexpected duet gave me chills…

“One Jah! One creator! Yessa one father!”

Hallelujah is the highest praise!

What made it even more special since I volunteer with ministries that help the homeless. I will say, that when I listened to this I immediately prayed for Danny and hoped wherever he is, he’s still being a minister.

From Carlos’s site

If you listen carefully at the end you hear me saying this to Danny.
“Keep trying to make it man.”
He looked me square in the eye…cocked his head sideways with a confused look on his face…and said,
“Trying to make it? No man. I ain’t trying to make it…I’m making it. Jah puts His soldiers everywhere. Jah says, Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death… So He places some of us, in that valley.”

I love how he was quoting Psalm 23 at the end. Blessings come in many forms. Watching the video was a wonderful reminder (for me) that Jesus is accessible to anyone regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, etc.,  the only requirement is that you are willing to accept him. But how many are willing to do that? If we are to believe the Bible, the gate that leads to eternal life is small.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it
Matthew 7:13-15

I will say that it is very interesting to me to see a lot of the predictions that are talked about in Revelation seem to be unfolding now.

Adventures in Beekeeping: Nuc Installation

It’s been a busy day and it looks like I won’t be posting my book giveaway until tomorrow.

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy today, no time for too many words. That will come later, but here are several photos of the latest honeybees that our on our property.

Honeybees 5 frame nuc 1

Honeybees 5 frame nuc

This nuc rode in my vehicle for about 30 minutes. If I were to guess, I’d say in the back seat of my car was between 15,000 – 20,000 honeybees. Only thing separating me from them was a cardboard nuc box. ;) No, I wasn’t nervous!

Honeybees 5 frame nuc 3

Honeybees: Five frame nuc crawling with honeybees

Lots of honeybees!

Honeybees 5 frame nuc 9

This is a five frame nuc and each frame was literally covered with honeybees (both sides).
Honeybees 5 frame nuc 2

Love seeing honeybees in action.



Honeybees 5 frame nuc 4

Picking up my Frame Grips.

And these honeybees were extremely active, but even so I didn’t use the smoker and just sprayed them once. I’m wearing lots of layers under the bee suit. Although I wear a size small, I chose an extra large bee suit. Why? I wear bulky clothing underneath the bee suit. That way if the honeybees sting my bee suit, since I’m wearing additional clothing underneath I most likely won’t get stung.

Honeybees frame grips

Honeybee tool: Frame grips

I will say these Frame grips are awesome! I purchased them today from a local beekeeper and it made transferring loaded honeybee frames to their new home a breeze!


Honeybees 5 frame nuc

During the transfer from the nuc to their new home, the honeybees did swarm around me in a cloud and that was fine. I’d be annoyed too, being cooped up in a tiny home for so long. No worries…I’m guessing that cloud contained several hundred honeybees. Who knows, it might have been in the low thousands? I didn’t have time to count you know! But even with all that activity, I didn’t panic. Why would I do something silly like that? Your brain can’t go on meltdown just because a situation might be challenging! I apply that same concept to other aspects of my life also; think rationally. I continued to make slow careful movements. I wanted them to know I wasn’t trying to rob or hurt them. I was there to make their home a bit bigger. My daughter, having seen all the activity, had already put further distance between herself and the hive. I make her stand a ways back until I can read their temperament. She’s expressed an interest in beekeeping so I’ll be purchasing a suit for her also. Then, she can be right there with me when things are a bit crazy. :)


Honeybees 5 frame nuc 7

Their new beehive

The above photo is their new beehive. It’s a Langstroth. I prefer Warre beehives and I’m leaning towards Tanzanian Top Bars also. I haven’t had a chance to try out a Tanzanian. I’m willing to check out the Langstroth before forming an opinion.

Honeybees 5 frame nuc 8

Securing the feeder in the top box

The second box is purely for show (for now.) This box is where I’m keeping their food. I’m feeding them for a bit since I’m still not seeing a lot of pollen sources. I don’t want them to starve. What’s their food? Organic sugar and water. The ration is 1:1. Keeping their food housed inside the top box will discourage potential robbers from trying to get a free meal.  After all, there are lots of other critters that would love to gorge on sugar water too. Why make it easy for them? There’s only one way inside. A small entrance at the bottom of the hive and the guard bees won’t be letting other insects up in there; at least not without a nasty fight!

Honeybees 5 frame nuc

Gently shaking out the remaining honeybees from the cardboard nuc box


Their home is much larger now, here’s hoping they stay!