Another year, I’m 45!

Happy Birthday to me

Actually my birth date was this past Friday and while I’ve been wanting to post on my site. I just haven’t gotten around to doing so. I have posted fairly regularly on my Facebook page and so if you’ve friended me and follow my posts, you’ve seen a few things that I’ve been doing along with the occasional back and forth banter that goes on between my BF, friends and myself.

Let’s see my daughter was away part of last week with a seventh grade retreat. We received tons of rain in our area and my daughter and BF gave me amazing gifts for my birthday! I am truly blessed. I am hoping to take a picture of both gifts some time today and hopefully post them over the next few days.

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Autumn 2015

Where has the time gone? It seems “just like the other day,” when this month started and here we are at the tail end of September. So much has happened, all good! Such as my BF’s parents meeting my father this past Sunday. My mother was working and could not get off of work. She’s a nurse. The amazing luncheon I prepared on the same day. The wonderful things going on with my daughter, BF and myself, and so much more…. I’ll be sure to post updates once the dust settles…

I had to pop online and acknowledge this glorious day….

Autumn 2015!



Motorcycle Riding: Protecting my melon…

This past two times I rode with the BF on his motorcycle, one thing was obvious. The large helmet was too small for my head. I have a lot of hair. I wear my hair in dreadlocks and I have a big ole head. Put all those together and I am going to have problems. Which is why I ordered a full face helmet in the extra large size.

Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2


This should arrive some time next week, which means the next time I go motorcycle riding with him, I’ll be sporting a full faced helmet and not a brain bucket.

DOT approved logo

Here in Maryland, you have to wear a motorcycle helmet and it has to be DOT certified. The above helmet meets those specifications.

Video: Crazy… this is not Patsy Cline

Several months ago, I stumbled upon the video that I’m sharing below. Guess what? Yesterday, I could not locate the video. A friend posted “bad singing videos on my FB page,” and it started a compilation of all these bad singers. I mentioned the video below and also mentioned I was unable to locate the video. Well guess what? Facebook friend was able to find that video and he shared it on my Facebook page.

If you actually make it to the end, you will see he actually does have a great voice. Shortly after the 3:00 minute mark he sings “normal” aka just like Elvis” for a few seconds before lapsing back into the screaming.

Knitworthy: Knitting a fall hat for my daughter

Not too long ago, I started knitting the hat that you see below for my daughter.

Malabrigo yarn - Knit Hat

Malabrigo yarn – Knit Hat

She wanted a knitted hat for the fall and she also seems to have misplaced her favorite owl knit hat that I’d made.


Recycled photo – Knitted owl cable ribbed beanie hat

I consoled her and told her it would be no problem knitting her a hat.

This hat was made quite easily. In fact, I started on it the weekend we went to my BF’s parents house. I used a moss stitch for the brim of the hat, and the remaining stitches are good ole stockinette stitch. It’s simple mindless knitting that I don’t have to pay attention to at all. Which is perfect for when I want to pay attention to other things.

Guess what? I completed most of this hat while watching my BF in his Taekwondo class. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to finish this hat before Friday. I hope I do; however, if that’s not the case I’ll be sure to finish knitting it on Friday. My daughter will be joining me to watch the BF in his Taekwondo class.

Using Masking with Tim Holtz’s Bird Crazy Clear stamps

Last evening, I pulled out my cards and worked on them a tiny bit. Mainly I was just looking at them and talking to my daughter. This is her first day back at school.

Tim Holtz - Bird Crazy_2 09.01.15

The card you see at the top (white background) was started about a week ago. They are four separate stamps. I used the masking technique. The one on the lower left hand side was started this past Friday and the stamp to the right was started yesterday. I have not even placed that on a card yet. I colored most of the couple with my Copics markers; however, I’ve decided to color the bouquet of flowers with my Faber Castell sketch colored pencils.

As I already mentioned, with the card with the white border, I used a technique called “Masking.”

I first learned about it watching one of Sandy Allnock’s informative videos. The video I’ve shown above is my first introduction to masking. I was fascinated with it; however, I did not have any use for it at the time.

It was set aside when I took a break to start knitting a fall hat for my lovely twelve year old daughter. I used Malabrigo wool yarn. It’s super soft and squishy. I’m thrilled to say that the hat is almost finished. Oh… and I’ve gotten back into sewing again too! Whee, I believe towards the end of September (or early October) I’ll add weaving back to the mix. I am having so much fun with my hand crafts!

Stamps Used

  1. Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamp Set, Bird Crazy
  2. Penny Black Cling Rubber Stamp, Tom and Tilly

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Benefit ride – Saturday, August 29

Here’s a few pictures from the first Triple Negative Breast Cancer Benefit ride. This past Saturday, August 29, was the event date, and I rode with my BF.

Bike Ride - Lots of Bikes_2 8.29.15

I must say that God truly blessed us with a wonderful day! We could not have asked for better weather.

Bike Ride_1 8.29.15

I must say, that’s the longest I’ve been on a bike (about 3.5 hours) and I really enjoyed the experience.

Bike Ride _5 8.29.15

Before we left Pete’s house we prayed for safety during the trip and a Pastor was at the Carroll Hospital Center to pray also. How awesome is that?

Bike Ride_4 8.29.15

We left at 10:30 sharp, just like it was announced. You got to love when folks stick to a schedule, right?

We could not have asked for a better day to have a bike ride. Saturday was perfect bike riding weather.

Bike Ride _13 8.29.15

Many thanks to all that were instrumental in organizing the event. The official coordinators are the two I’ve shown above, but there were many others that helped to make this event a success.

Bike Ride - Lots of Bikes_4 8.29.15

A lot of time went into making this run smoothly, and while I was not behind the scenes assisting the hard work put into turning this into a reality was recognized and appreciated.

Bike Ride _6 8.29.15

Since we mainly took back roads, it gave us all an opportunity to truly appreciate Gods beauty that was on display.

Bike Ride _10 8.29.15

I believe the ride was about 100 miles? During that time, we made three stops, the last being where the ride ended, at a local restaurant.

Bike Ride _16 8.29.15

Bike Ride _15 8.29.15

There was even an Elvis impersonator. Part of the proceeds of that meal was donated to the cause also.

Bike Ride - Lots of Bikes_3 8.29.15


For those who weren’t able to attend, you can still donate by going to the site located at the Rack Savers. The slogan is, Save the Racks!

And here is an explanation of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which I copied I pasted below.

“A diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer means that the three most common types of receptors known to fuel most breast cancer growth–estrogen, progesterone, and the HER-2/neu gene– are not present in the cancer tumor. This means that the breast cancer cells have tested negative for hormone epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER-2), estrogen receptors (ER), and progesterone receptors (PR). Since the tumor cells lack the necessary receptors, common treatments like hormone therapy and drugs that target estrogen, progesterone, and HER-2 are ineffective. Using chemotherapy to treat triple negative breast cancer is still an effective option. In fact, triple negative breast cancer may respond even better to chemotherapy in the earlier stages than many other forms of cancer.”