Another Bike Ride: Breast cancer benefit

A few weeks ago, I posted that I finally had a chance to ride on the BF’s motorcycle. Well, this weekend, I’ll have another opportunity since this Saturday we’ll be participating in the first breast cancer benefit.

His friends girlfriend is a breast cancer survivor. From what the BF said, the trip should take about 1.5 hours. We’ll end the time at a restaurant. We’ll mainly be traveling back roads. I’m really looking forward to this occasion since it’ll give me a chance to meet some of his friends, and more importantly the lady behind the benefit. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take plenty of pictures.

I’m praying that the weather is nice since this event is happening rain or shine. I have no desire to ride, on a motorcycle, in the rain! No thanks… I think I’ll pass on that. People drive crazy enough when the conditions are nice, why add rain to the mix? 😉

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Card Making: Artist and Crazy Birds

Sunday, I was greeted with quite a few card making goodies that had arrived in the mail from Amazon.

Cardmaking-Penny Black - The Artist 8.23.15

Card Making: Penny Black; The Artist


A few hours after my daughter and I settled in, I pulled out my card making supplies and started working on this card. It’s not finished, since I still need to add skin tones and since I don’t have the appropriate pencils, or markers, I decided that this should be placed aside until it can be completed. Since my Copics skin tone markers should be arriving some time today, it looks like I might be able to complete it some time this evening.

Cardmaking: Tim Holtz; Bird Crazy

Card Making: Tim Holtz; Bird Crazy card and envelope


Yesterday, I used the Tim Holtz’s Bird Crazy stamps to create this card. Initially, I was going to make it for my BF; however, a church lady (and her husband) have been on my mind and I believe this card will go to her. These days, when someone pops into my mind… I think it’s Gods way of telling me to check up on them, and I do.


Handcrafting: More than just card making…

While it might seem like the only thing I’m doing is making cards… I’m not. I’m also knitting and sewing. This past weekend, I started knitting a fall themed hat for my daughter. Admittedly… not too much of that was accomplished since our days were packed while visiting the BF. However, I’m hoping that I can complete it some time this week. With sewing, I’m mending one of my mothers nursing uniforms.

I am blessed that I am able to do things I enjoy when I have down time. These days finding that down time can be a challenge; however, I manage to squeeze in some time even if it is only for a few minutes. I find crafting to be a wonderful form of meditation and so I try to actively engage in it daily.


One glorious weekend!

My goodness did the time fly by! This past weekend, we visited my BF’s parents in Deleware. If you remember, we had visited them once before, on that trip, we took my daughter to Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean City was a first for both my daughter and me and seems to be quite the “local vacation spot,” for Marylanders… and while it was nice, it’s not something I’d be falling over myself to visit anytime soon. No thank you… there are plenty of other places that are a bit more to my liking, minus the crowd.

But let me get back to our current visit. As my mom would say, we did not let the dust settle under our feet. We arrived around 8:30 on Friday evening and visited for about two hours before we all went to bed. We were exhausted. However, Saturday morning (while the BF slept) the BF’s parents, my daughter and I went for a walk. My daughter said it was about an hour. Really? It didn’t seem that long since the time flew by so quickly… and that’s wonderful since it shows we enjoyed our time together.

Bocce Ball_1 8.23.15

Playing Bocce ball with my daughter and my BF’s mom.

Later that day, we went to the pool and afterwards his father grilled. There were burgers, bratwurst, beans, salad and a few other “picnic type items,” that I can’t remember. I do know that it all tasted amazing! A bit later his mom, my daughter and I played Bocce ball. It was the first time playing (for me). My daughter said she’d played virtual Bocce ball on the Wii. My daughter led for quite some time until the end when his mom narrowly beat her by two points. The final score was

BF’s mom 12

Daughter   10

Me                 7

The BF’s mom is on a Bocce ball team!

Pete's Dad_crabs 1

My BFs dad with steamed crabs.

As if we didn’t have enough food, that evening we had steamed crabs. Here’s a picture of his dad eating some of them.

Puzzle 08.22.15

My daughter and me puzzling over a puzzle.

Do you remember that puzzle I said we were working on during our last visit? My daughter and I were able to finish it on Saturday!


We ended our time together by going to Sunday mass at 10:00 a.m., afterwards we went to brunch at a local restaurant. They had an all day breakfast buffet, and that’s what everyone wanted. Over our meal we talked. It was nice hearing his father’s testimony about what led him to Christ. My BF had just shared an experience and after his father talked, I shared an experience I had about eight years ago. So not only were we being fed physically, we fed one another spiritually too. How awesome is that?

All too soon it was time to say our goodbyes, hugs were swapped, thank yous tossed about, bags packed and the BF, my daughter and I headed back to Maryland. We have plenty of wonderful memories to share and think about fondly until the next time we meet again…

Visiting the parents…

This weekend, my daughter, the BF and I will be visiting his parents. Of course, the BF is looking forward to seeing his parents and so are my daughter and I. They are both really kind people. My only regret is that we don’t live closer. I really enjoy their company and I would love to see them more. My BF, sees my parents almost every week. They love him.

H&J card_1 8.18.15

Art Impressions People Cling Rubber Stamp: Cathy Caffeine Set


Yesterday, this stamp arrived in the mail and so I decided to turn it into a card. Since both of his parents drink coffee, I thought I would send it to them. I used my Copic markers. I haven’t purchased the skin tone Copic markers and so I made do with the colors that I did have. Guess what? I haven’t sent them a card since the first time the BF took my daughter and I to visit them. I made that card at the end of June. How terrible of me! 😉


Stamp used

Art Impressions People Cling Rubber Stamp: Cathy Caffeine Set

Owl always love you…

You would think with my love of owls that I would have some stamps that reflected my fascination with them. However, the only thing I have that declares my owl adoration is an owl embossing folder, that rarely gets used.

Well, last week, I put an end to that and ordered two owl stamps along with the sentiment, “owl always love you!” How cute is that?

Owl Cards_1 8.16.15

Yesterday, the stamps arrived. Yes… the stamps arrived on Sunday. I’d ordered them from Amazon and since it was a lazy day these are the three cards that I made.

Owl Cards_3 8.16.15
My daughter saw the cards, loved them… and wanted them all for herself; however, I told her that wasn’t possible and to choose one. She chose the one above. I’ve already added a note and mailed it this morning. She should receive her card on Wednesday.

Owl Cards_2 8.16.15

The next card is what I made for the BF. I decided to make make these birds blue. I really like how they turned out. His card was also mailed today.

Since the expression is stuck in my head, I thought it would be nice to include the above song/video… enjoy!

Items needed

  1. Hero Arts Mounted Rubber Stamps 1.5″X2″-Heart Owls Mounted Stamp
  2. Penny Black 4287H Moonlight Owls Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp
  3. Stampendous, E260, Stamp Owl Love You

Autumn… just around the corner

Last evening, I made these two cards. Actually, I started on a few more; however, I did not finish them.

Copics Sketch Markers – 36

Guess what? Yesterday, my Copics sketch markers (36 markers were included within this set) arrived in the mail. They are alcohol based makers (perfect for shading) and are made in Japan. Copics markers are a bit pricey. My set of 36 markers cost me a little over $150. I’ve been checking out these markers for about four years; however, I never turned that want into a reality. Finally after a lot of research, I decided it was time that I made the purchase.

Why spend so much money on these Copic markers?

  1. They are good quality markers.
  2. They have two tips; one on each end.
  3. They are alcohol based and are great for applying layers.
  4. They are refillable (which means they will last years.) Don’t even get me started on the amount of markers I’ve purchased over the years for my daughter. She wears them out fast.
  5. You can change the tips.
  6. They can be used with the Copics airbrushings system. Sweet!
  7. Most importantly, my daughter (who’s a very talented young artist) will be able to use them also!

Since my Copics markers had arrived, I was able to use them on the cards that I created below. Which gave me the perfect chance to test them out for myself.

Autumn Cards_2 8.11.15

Autumn card, with matching envelope. I made this for my daughter. I mailed it this morning.


I still need to play with the markers a bit before I get used to them, but thus far, I really like them a lot! The above card (with matching envelope) is what I made for my daughter. She’s going to love the card, along with the sweet note that I left for her. This morning, I sent it off via postal mail and she should receive it on Friday. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she gets the card in the mail.

Autumn Cards_1 8.11.15


This is the card that I made for my BF. I used white card stock for the pumpkins and then added brown ink to the card base, to compliment the patterned card stock that I placed the pumpkins on. I then made the card out of white card stock, that had been embossed, and inked the card stock with the same ink used for the pumpkin background. I’m hoping he likes it a lot. I also made a matching envelope and just like with my daughters card, I mailed his out today!

Christmas cards…

Tonight, my daughter and I will be making Christmas cards. I started making them about a week ago. We will continue to make those, along with other seasonal cards, over the next few weeks. On my radar are Halloween cards. I’ve always loved that day and would like to make some creeptacular cards for a few people.

Sunday lunch…

This past Sunday, I did not make it to church. I had every plans of being there, but… I had lunch to make for six people and by the time Sunday rolled around, I hadn’t made a thing and so,  a little after 10:00, you could find my daughter and me picking up the ingredients needed at Redner’s. I purchased beef, chicken breast, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, ginger, onions and garlic. I also purchased a variety of juices and back to the house we went where I spent the next 2.5 hours cooking.

I wish I could tell you that I took a photo of the food set out at the table. However, that didn’t happen. But, my daughter was thoughtful enough to take a few pictures, while I was preparing the food.

Sunday Lunch_1 Eggrolls 8.9.15

Eggrolls: Vegan and chicken


The above picture is the last food I made, eggrolls! These were appetizers. I don’t deep fry my eggrolls. I pan fry them. They aren’t as greasy and they are still flavorful. I made vegan and non-vegan versions.

Sunday Lunch_2 Potato Salad 8.9.15

Potato Salad


There was also potato salad. It was still warm, when it was placed on the table, so plenty of that stayed. Much to my daughter’s happiness. A few hours after being in the refrigerator, this was properly chilled. I had a spoonful and it tasted delicious. My daughter, helped herself to a large bowl. She seemed thrilled, when I mentioned that I had forgotten to give the BF some to take home with him.


And now on to the food you can’t really see. My daughter took all the pictures; however, I should have reminded her to take the covers off the food so what was made could be seen.

Sunday Lunch 3 Beef and Vegetables 8.9.15

What’s in there? Beef and vegetables!


Here’s a picture of some of the food that was on the table. The beef and vegetables (broccoli, carrots and other things I can’t remember) was the most popular food on the table. Not too much of that was left. I cooked the beef in my pressure cooker. According to the comments, this was extremely tender! Of course it was, it was made in the pressure cooker.

Sunday Lunch_4 Chicken Breast 8.9.15

What’s in there? Chicken, mushrooms, vegetables in a savory gravy.


Then there was this dish. It had chicken breast, mushrooms and other vegetables, spices and herbs.  It was pressure cooked also and then I made a gravy from the juice that the chicken breast produced while it was cooking in the pressure cooker.