Sewing Adventures: Resources for the Blind Hemmer machine

Finding information about the Blind Hemming machine has been a challenge; however, I have found a few links that I think are valuable.

You can find that info located in the “resources” section at the bottom of this post. This way, if I get stumped, I can refer to this post for easy reference. Hopefully, it’ll help someone else also because if I’m having trouble finding relevant information about the Blind Hemming machine, others most likely are too.

Resources for the Blind Hemmer machine

  1. Blind Hem Machines
  2. Elasticated blindstitched neckline finish
  3. Stadharn Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland – Machine maintenance

I can’t comment on how to use a Blind Hemming machine, since I have not purchased one yet, but once I do and am comfortable with using one, I’ll try to post a few tutorials about the process.

Reliable blind hemmer machine

Reliable blind hemmer machine

I research before I buy

I guess you could say my recent posts about the blind hemming machine, you get to step into how I go about researching before making a purchase.  It’s not a quick process, which is good since I’m rarely disappointed with my purchases. I take my time, educate and learn as much as possible before I buy



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A Day In The Sewing Adventures: Life of Fashion Designer – James Steward

This past weekend, I stumbled upon James Steward’s video and I was blown away by some of his designs.

I love elegance and classic style with the designs I make and he was giving me it in spades.

What was interesting to me was that he was doing his sewing on HOME machines. Say what? I thought for sure, he’d have industrial sewing machines. Here’s hoping he’s reached a point financially where he’s able to purchase industrial sewing machines for his design business.

Sewing Adventures: Draping a cowl and making a pattern

I’m loving Nick Verreos videos…


I’ve included two below. The first will show you how to drape a cowl on a dress form


…and the next shows you how to turn the pinning into an actual pattern.

The majority of the tools he talks about in the above videos, I already have. I’ve had them for years, in fact some were my mothers. It sure makes pattern drafting much easier when you have what’s needed.

Sewing Adventures: A few tools for pattern making

I’ve been wanting to purchase pattern cutting shears for quite some time, but I was unsure of what type to buy? My Gingher shears are out of the question since they are used exclusively for cutting cloth. However, I knew that I need something strong that could cut through oaktag paper, but I was uncertain of what type I should purchase.

I’d seen many videos of pattern makings with some formidable looking shears that seemed to blast through everything, but I was stumped at the type of scissors they were using until this past weekend.

Enter Nick Verreos…


I watched the above video and the light bulb went off. Most of the stuff, I already knew but their were a few tidbits that were helpful. For example, he called the shears used to cut patterns, “pattern cutting shears” and it all fell into place. Ahh, such a simple name to describe what I wanted.

Clauss 20620 Hot Forged Pattern Shear

Clauss 20620 Hot Forged Pattern Shear, 12″


After some research, I was able to find and order my own.

Huunt Pattern Notcher

Pattern Notcher

…and I also snagged a notch cutter! I should receive both by Thursday of this week. I must say that I’m looking forward to sewing this weekend!

Canning Adventures: Pear, Apple and peach butter

This past Saturday, I spent a lot of time canning. I much prefer canning my produce than buying the jarred version in stores. The reason is simple, it’s not loaded with preservatives and a lot of extra junk I don’t need. It simply contains produce, spices and the occasional sweetness.

Pears 9.13.14

The pears all came from our pear tree and there’s plenty more where those came from so I’ll be canning for a little while. Later this week, I’m hoping to make strawberry jam and a spicy habañero jelly.

Weekend Adventures: One busy weekend

Well… I didn’t get ANY sewing completed this weekend and another weekend goes by without me working on my capsule. But there is a valid reason. I was canning most of Saturday!

Pears were picked off our pear tree and turned into delicious fruit butters that are so full of yum! I will post pictures of that process within the next few days.

Saturday, I checked on our honeybees and they are doing well. I’m thinking about adding a few more boxes on top of the hive, that way it’ll make it easier for me to feed them, if we have a long winter.

Sunday, my daughter had her last swimming lessons. Because of the time, we had to miss church. D, my daughters swim teacher is a college student and Sundays are her only free days. My daughter made her swim teacher, D,  a lovely card since it was her last swim class of the season and she made a lovely card for her swim teacher, D. D really loved the card and told me daughter that was the first time one of her students did that for her.

Today, I peeped in on my kraut, and it’s really starting to smell like kraut. I can’t wait to dig into it within a few months.

I do wish I could start sewing today after work, but I don’t think that’s happening. I have to purchase and deliver food to the local Homeless Shelter. Preparing food for the guests, is a ministry that our Lutheran church (along with other churches) provide for the local shelter.

So… while I didn’t get to work on sewing for me, I did get a lot accomplished this past weekend and of course it flew by. I do have plans to sew during the week and I’m looking forward to that.

Sewing Adventures: September is National Sewing Month

national sewing monthDid you know that September is National Sewing Month? I’d heard about it earlier than promptly forgot about it until I stumbled upon someone commenting about this online.

Perhaps that explains why the sewing bug has hit me hard? Nah… the cooler months are when I tend to get a lot of sewing (and now weaving) complete.

My daughter and I have a few simple sewing projects planned for this weekend, but the major sewing won’t happen until next weekend when I finally start sewing a bit more for myself.

Currently, I’m still researching the Blind Hemming Machine. I’ve found a lot of great information from websites. I’ve been reading the information and the few videos I’ve stumbled upon. I’ll be sure to refer to that information once I finally do purchase the machine. From what I’m reading (and what I already know) purchasing the Blind hemming machine will cut down my sewing time considerably. I can’t wait!