Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CV: Purchase now or later

Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CVThe past month or so I’ve really been contemplating purchasing the Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CV. I guess it’s not surprising since the cooler months are the times that I normally do my sewing and weaving. While I can do a finished hem on my Brother PC420, I’d be the first to admit that I much prefer the hem and Overlock/Coverstitch machine.

I still haven’t made my decision so I will mull over it a bit more. I’m in no rush, this machine has been on my short list of sewing items I must purchase for over a year. While I sit and stew, I have been reading as much as I can about using the Coverstitch machine so when I finally do make the purchase I won’t be lost.

When it comes to my crafting tools, this is something that I’ve always done. I must say thoroughly researching my machines before purchasing them has helped out tremendously, when I finally welcome the items into my home.

How to thread the Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CV

Tips for the Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CV

Random Sewing Video

How To Master the Industrial Sewing Machine with Arthur Porter

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Teacher Appreciation…

Much love for the awesome teachers out there…

I still think of my favorite teacher, Mrs. Kyte! She taught third grade.

Brother 2340CV: How to use a coverstitch machine

I’ve been eyeing the Brother Coverstitch machine for over a year. Cooler months are right around the corner which means that I’ll be doing a lot more sewing and weaving. I find myself not doing it so much when it’s warmer, since I much prefer being outside.

Earlier today, I stumbled upon the above video. Bonus that it was made by one of my favorite sewers, Angela Wolf and another plus is that the Coverstitch she was using is the Brother 2340CV! That’s the one I’ve been wanting to purchase.

Slightly off topic, but last evening, while using my Brother PC420 sewing machine and my Scan N Cut machine, my daughter said, “You have a lot of Brothers!” I replied, “Yes, I do! They make great quality machines so that’s why I keep purchasing them.”

A crafting weekend…

I do love my various crafting hobbies. Last evening, you could find me mending my daughter’s large backpack. There was a bit of grumbling about the poor quality fabric that is used to create many of the backpacks today. Today, as I drove her to school, I told her I would be making her a backpack.

Daughter: “Oh no mom, don’t do that just buy one!”

Me: “Silly girl, you do realize that those backpacks are made by someone, right?”

Daughter: Oh… wow you can really make a backpack?”

Me: Mmmhmm

Daughter: Squee… ok, can I pick out the colors?”

Me: Sure you can, but I won’t be starting on it this weekend…

Daughter: Awww… (gives me the sad face)

Me: I look at her and shake my head laughing. “You know that’s not possible, your uncle and nephew will be in town tomorrow.”

Backpack pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates

Backpack pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates

I’m currently looking at the Backpacks Pattern Book by Cindy Taylor Oates. I’m hoping it actually includes an actual pattern since I really don’t feel like drafting one for a backpack. Pattern drafting for clothes? Sure, no problem, I do that all the time! However,  I rarely make bags, so I’d much prefer an actual pattern.

Vinyl Sheets to use with my Brother Scan N Cut

Vinyl Sheets to use with my Brother Scan N Cut

Last evening besides the backpack mending, I also made designs for my daughters school notebooks. I did those with my Brother Scan N’ Cut.I used vinyl sheets for the lettering. She was so thrilled to have her own personalized notebooks. Simple things make my daughter happy and I enjoy doing them for her.

Knitting adventures: Another dreadlock tube

It’s obvious that I love knitting dreadlock tubes. This is the fifth one that I’m making for myself.

In fact, I used this yarn to knit my first dreadlock tube; however, the pattern used was a simple stockinette stitch. Also, this tube will be much longer.I’m hoping to finish knitting this sometime this week.

Dreadlock tube Malabrigo 8.27.14

Kitting Dreadlock tube using Malabrigo yarn

I’m using some of the super squishy Malabrigo yarn that I’ve come to adore. Because of the variegated colors, doing an intricate pattern is pretty much lost; however, that didn’t stop me from doing a simple rib stitch. That’s not too fancy.

The next dreadlock tube I’ll knit will be dusky rose, then a lime green and perhaps I’ll knit one in winter white. After that… who knows?

Fermenting Adventures: Kimchi, strong enough to clear your sinuses…

Fermented Kimshi 8 days.8.26.14

Fermented Kimchi – 8 days later

Today, I opened my batch of kimchi. I only let it ferment for eight days, but with the warm weather we’ve been having, I thought it would be a good idea to check things out. Also, I really wanted to eat some homemade fermented food. Additionally, fermented foods have so many health benefits!

Upon opening my stoneware fermenting crock, I could tell that the flavors had started to “play nice” and I smelled the pungent, hot, tangy and spicy aroma that I’ve come to associate with kimchi.  This wasn’t a large batch since I was basically testing to see how it turned out. No sense, wasting a lot of produce if it was a failure right? I must say, that I’m pleasantly surprised with the results and with a few minor tweaks, I’ll be sure to make this again soon.

How did it taste? I really liked it a lot, but the crunch (that I enjoy) was missing. I know that has a lot to do with me adding brine to the blend, next time, I’ll let the fermentation process produce its own juices. However, I am very happy with my kimchi and boy does it pack a hot and spicy kick. So much so that it is sinus clearing.

In a few weeks, I’ll be making some more kimchi… I’ve learned from this batch and will apply what I learn to the upcoming batch of kimchi. I’ll also be sharing that batch with a few of my friends. They’re big on spicy fermented foods and most importantly, they love kimchi! I can’t wait to see what they think of my kimchi blend!

First day of school

This made me laugh…
A Teacher's School Year

Thankfully, my daughter is not one of those students that make their teachers nuts. Each year, her teachers tell me how well behaved she is and what a joy it is to have her in their class. She knows to pay attention in class and be respectful of others. I taught her that. She also does very well in her classes. The times she has struggled with various topics, I’ve helped her at home until she understood the concept.

But enough of the rambling, time to write about my daughter’s first day of school…

She had a great time! I wasn’t surprised, I knew she would after she got over the “back to school jitters”. Based on her skills, she was placed in the highest math class along with her best friend. There are three math classes for her grade. The children are placed based on their abilities. Naturally, I was one proud momma. It’s been a busy day for her and I heard all about it once I picked her up from school. Her two close friends she saw throughout the summer, but returning to school allowed her to reconnect with acquaintances and she met a few new students also. I pray that the students and teachers all have a wonderful year!