One lovely card…

Earlier today,

My daughter made me a lovely card with the most sweetest message telling me that she loved me very much and she was grateful that I was her mom.


Handmade card from daughter_3

Handmade card from daughter_4



About a week ago, she’d asked me for this silk material…

Handmade card from daughter_1


Whatever could be in this silk wrapping?

Handmade card from daughter_2

Aww… how sweet. This is the perfect gift, handmade from the heart. I love you princess!


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Video: Dogs who fail at being… dogs

Yesterday, I saw the video that I included below. I must admit it gave me a good belly laugh since I can easily think of one of our furbuddies that falls into this category. It would be Mr. Bentley, our Shih Tzu.

Yep… I can totally see him at the 1:31 mark in this video, and although he is clumsy, we love him anyway! :)

Enjoying old fashioned letter writing

You know… tomorrow will mark a month that I made a commitment to send my BF at least one handwritten letter weekly.

Guess what? I’ve far exceeded that amount! There have been some weeks when he has received three letters! Yes, I’m very proud of myself. It’s also given me a chance to brush up on my card making skills since every single note I’ve written has been on a hand crafted card that I’ve made.

Stamping - Snail Card

Check out the above card. It’s something I made last evening. I thought that I should add something else to the card, but I was being lazy and so the snail is debuting solo. It’s obvious that I did not spend too much time creating this card, but I still like how it turned out.

Originally this was just a card I was going to toss onto my “blank card pile,” but this morning (after receiving a text from the BF wishing me good I Love Youmorning) I decided to drop him a quick note.

I still think that old fashioned letter writing for those who are courting (or anyone really) is awesome! I must say I love receiving letters from the BF and his notes have been designated to their very own BF letter box.

Will I keep handwriting my old fashioned letters and send them off through the postal mail? You better believe it! The BF has kept every single letter that I’ve written so he’s definitely worthy of my time and effort to make and write handwritten letters.

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion; rubber cling stamp

Last evening, I had the opportunity to play around with my Faber-Castell Chrosmos colored pencils. Below is what I’d stamped and colored. It’s the same stamp that I used here, I just did a few things differently.

House Mouse Series - Pin Cushion

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion


It’s a rubber cling stamp from the House Mouse Series and is titled, “Pin Cushion.” I purposely put the picture on an angle. I thought it was an interesting detail and somehow it seemed to fit the card. I then added a yellow embossed sheet and placed it on orange card stock.  I still have some things to do with this card.

I must say that I really love my Faber-Castel Polychromos colored pencils. The pencils have a creamy consistency and you are able to apply several layers for shading. Since I have only 11 or 12 Faber-Castel pencils, I’m a bit limited with the amount of shading I can do; however, I do believe I’ll purchase a set of 24 to tide me over until my big shipment of 120 pencils arrive. I’m purchasing that set from my daughter’s art teacher. Yes, I could purchase them from Amazon and get them within two days (since I’m an Amazon Prime member) but I really want to support a local business owner. Even if it means me paying a bit more for the product.

Later this week, I’m hoping to get some sewing completed. I want to make a few summer dresses to actually wear before the weather turns cool!

Trying again…

This past weekend, I did not see my friend from high school. This past Saturday, she was sick, and even though she made it clear that I still could come up to visit, I declined and told her to get her rest. We’d see her, and the rest of her family, when she was feeling better. After all, the world wasn’t coming to an end just because we didn’t see each other and I do believe that us not going worked out very well. My car was leaking transmission fluid and this gave my father to check it out to see what was causing the issue. The filter seems to be the culprit and that has been replaced.

Sunday, the BF came over and we spent an enjoyable time eating, teasing and spending time just being together. We normally see each other a few times weekly, but with him being sick last week, yesterday was the only time I’ve seen him since Sunday, August 12. We both shared the same sentiments… not wanting to go that long without seeing each other again. We both missed each other immensely and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Reconnecting with a High School Classmate

This Saturday, I’m hoping to meet up with an old classmate from high school. I have not seen her in over twenty years; however, we do stay in contact via Facebook and more recently text messages and phone calls. To be perfectly honest, there’s no reason why we should not have gotten together sooner.

For the past few months, I’ve prayed to God that he would surround me with fellow Christian ladies that I could interact and hang out with. Well.. God gave me a gentle shake and told me, “Opal, they are all around you! You just need to take the initiative and reach out to them… and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

How will we spend our time together? Well, we are planning on doing some paper crafting. My daughter is tagging along and she wants to sketch. We are also going to share dinner together. How awesome will that be? A fun-filled time of fellowship, crafting and eating. If she gives me the “ok,” I’ll be sure to post a few pictures here on Celebrate Life.

High School Drama

I had to chuckle at the poster I’ve included above. I’m happy to say, that most of the things listed here, I could not identify with.

I’m also including the above video, I Wanna Go Back, by Eddie Money since it does make me think of High School; however, I don’t want to go back… 😉 I’m content with my life and even with the occasional pits I’ve stumbled in along my life path, I’m happy with my life.

Prismacolor vs. Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils

Please forgive all these artsy related posts. I’m hoping perhaps they can help others that might be searching for similar things.

I’m a person that researches a ton before I make a major purchase so it’s no surprise I’m doing the same thing when it comes to colored pencils. Initially, I was leaning towards Prismacolor as my go to colored pencil of choice; however, many reviews are saying after the company was bought out, that the quality of the colored pencils have gone downhill. Because of that, it was back to research once again and I found a few colored pencils that have my interest. Top on the list are the Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. Unless something comes along that blows these away, this will be the colored pencils that I purchase.

Check out the above video to get a thorough review from both pencils. Also, I have a new artist that I can now follow. You can find her at Lachri Fine Art.