Raw Vegan – Green Salad; keeping it simple

I’ve been craving tons of greens and so a few moments ago I prepared this salad.

Green Avocado Salad_3 1.25.15

Green avocado salad with Apple kefir soda


It’s loaded with spinach, cucumbers, black beans and an avocado. I even tossed in a red bell pepper, sunflower seeds and a raw yellow onion.

Green Avocado Salad_2 1.25.15

I ground up a few herbs and spices in my mortar and pestle and added that to the salad.

Green Avocado Salad_1 1.25.15

For a bit of sweetness, I drizzled a touch of honey into the bowl and mixed well. It tastes wonderful. I made a large bowl, so it should last a little while. I’m sure my daughter will make a veggie sandwich with some of the ingredients. I’m hoping to at least sneak some of this delightful salad onto some dehydrated raw onion bread. We’ll see!

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A quick bean dish; vegan

Yesterday, thanks to the snow we received, my daughter’s Lutheran school, had a two hour delay. Which was perfect since it meant I was able to complete some work around the home.

Vegan Beans and Veggies_1

Vegan: Black Bean Stir Fry


One thing I did with the two extra hours before I went into work, was to prepare this above vegan dish to put into my daughter’s lunch. Of course it’s colorful! We both enjoy seeing color in our food. It was also quite delicious.

Vegan Beans and Veggies and rice_1

Vegan: Black beans and rice


I also set aside some of the dish and added rice, see? The same dish with a little something, something, added. ;)


A tale of two chowders: Fish and corn

A few weeks ago, when the colds had us down for about a day, I made two chowders.

Corn chowder


A fish chowder and a corn based chowder.

Chowder is almost gone!


My daughter grazed between the two although she kept coming back to the corn chowder. Most of the fish chowder, was given to my father. My mom is a nurse and worked most of the holiday. My dad was sick and I wanted to make sure he stayed nourished with healing foods.

The wonderful thing was, even though my daughter wasn’t feeling the greatest she helped me making these nourishing soups. What’s the recipe, sorry I can’t tell you that and it has nothing to do with it being a “family secret,” I only measure if asked. Otherwise, I make and add whatever I want. if you know me, you know that perfectly fits my personality. ;)

Cooking Adventures: Meal preparation doesn’t have to be complicated

Earlier this week, I made two versions of fried rice; Organic chicken and Vegetable.

Fried Rice 01.14.15

Chicken Fried Rice


The dish is simple to make and so much healthier than choosing processed foods. This dish actually started out as a scrambled egg with veggies dish for my daughter, but obviously it morphed into so much more. I had rice already cooked and so I decided to add that to my wok. Then, I thought about the homemade chicken tenders that had already been prepared for my daughter and I added that too.

The only thing left to do was add the vegetables, several handfuls of spinach were added and a bit more spices and herbs were ground to round out this dish. Simple, healthy and delicious and on the table, for my daughter, in minutes. Yes… she ate this for her breakfast and then some was packed into her insulated lunch jar and taken to school.

Three day weekend; Mother/daughter time…

I’m so looking forward to this weekend and hanging out with my daughter.


I do have off Monday, in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday. His official birthday is, January 15. My daughter and I have already filled our weekend with plenty of things to keep us busy.

Her website has been still for a bit, while her attention has been focused on her school work. I’m pleased to say that she made Honor Roll again this past quarter and only received one B+, the rest of her grades were A’s.

Naturally, I’ll be stepping away from most things technology related. My daughter needs more hang out time with mom and who am I to deny her that? I’m thrilled that she loves being around me as much as I enjoy hanging with her.

Purchasing food for the local Homeless shelter

My Lutheran church assists the local homeless shelter in our area every month. I’m the one that purchases the food.  We have other volunteers that prepare the meals. I use to prepare breakfast, usually I was alone, and prepared a home cooked meal for about 31 guests. I enjoyed it immensely. The time flew by very quickly and I enjoyed interacting with the guests while I was there.

But purchasing the food still keeps me connected even though I physically can’t be there to prepare the meals since it conflicts with my schedule. Because of the weather forecast for later this week, I’m thinking about dropping off the food early.

Regardless of the season, it’s important to remember there are always people in need of assistance. Many that are at the shelter do have jobs, some have lost their jobs and others have had their hours cut, which makes them unable to afford a home. This shelter can only hold a small amount of people, 35 maximum. I can’t help but think about the ones that are unable to be placed in the shelter. This is in a rural area, so the shelters are sparse. While some might think that the need isn’t great, if you are in a rural, predominantly white, area, they would be wrong.



New Years Pizza

I believe a homemade pizza is the perfect way to start a new year, don’t you?

On New Years Day, you could find my daughter and me in our warm kitchen, that’s heated by our wood stove, making our own homemade pizza. The dough was made, to which I added plenty of freshly ground spices and herbs and then it was set aside to rise. Once the dough had risen, the crust was rolled and


Pizza_1 1.1.15

Homemade vegetarian pizza


plenty of vegetables were added to the pizza. It was a vegetarian pizza after all. After my daughter had added the vegetable toppings that she wanted it was slipped into the oven. The only thing left to do was wait and soon we could smell the pizza. My daughter was excited and kept asking me when would the pizza be ready.

Pizza_2 1.1.15

Vegetarian pizza – Fresh from the oven


When it is, was my reply. She didn’t have to wait too long before she was able to dig into the pizza. I wish I could say that there are left overs, but she consumed the remaining slices within two days after this had been made. She much prefers making the pizza over buying one. She says it tastes fresher and I would have to agree with her.