Monthly Archives: May 2010

Memorial Day: Honoring those who've died while serving the military

In the USA, May 31st is the day we observe Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a Federal holiday. Memorial day is a lot more than getting a day off of work and having celebrations with family and friends. Memorial day was created to recognize the those who died during the Civil War. I love history. […]

Grilling: Black Bean Burgers

Grilled Bean Burgers: First batch of bean burgers Grilling is something I enjoy doing when the weather is nice. I’m an outdoor girl, so soaking up the sun while I grill a variety of dishes on the outdoor grill is tops on my list. In my pre-veggie days, I wasn’t too fond of grilling meat. […]

Gardening: The Benefits of Mulching

Congratulations, you’re garden has finally been planted. Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for your crops to grow, right? Hey, not so fast! Another important part of the gardening process is mulching. Of course, mulching will add an extra step to your gardening time, but the benefits make it worth it. When mulching […]

Gardening: Table of Organic Produce

Gardening: Organic produce fresh from the garden As a child, my parents had a nice size garden. It was a little over one and a half acres. I’ll admit, assisting my parents in the garden wasn’t a job I enjoyed but I truly appreciate it now. It’s amazing how much you can remember from childhood. […]

Vegan: Flavorful Veggie Sandwich

  I really love color, and enjoy seeing it displayed in the various cuisines I prepare. Naturally, I was extremely pleased with this colorful vegan sandwich. Although the cooked meals I prepare are usually ready within fifteen minutes there are times when I don’t feel like cooking. In those instances, I’ll choose something such as […]

Guinea Pigs: Cuteness overload

Guinea Pigs: Daizy and Angel checking out my Nikon D80 This past Christmas holiday I adopted these two adorable guinea pigs for my daughter. She’s no stranger to animals. We’ve had ferrets. They’re hilariously feisty critters. We also had two dogs. I say ‘had’ because Lalita (our oldest and my #1 furbaby) passed away last […]

Vegan: Green Energy Smoothie

As I’ve already mentioned I’ve been craving a lot of greens lately. Fortunately for myself I have plenty of green vegetables growing in my garden, and so last evening I went out and picked more collards and kale. Quite a bit of the green veggies were turned into collard and kale chips. I’ll post the […]