Monthly Archives: September 2010

Soccer win and reflection

  This past Saturday my daughter’s second grade soccer team had a game. It is the fourth game they’ve had; it is the first game her team has won the score was  4-0. Even with the recent losses my daughter’s team had a blast, which is great. As I told her two Saturday’s ago, win […]

Staying organized with FlexTime for Mac

  Recently, my schedule has become hectic. Working on projects, it’s easy to get sucked into my work and block everything out. However, there are times when I need to snap back into reality and do important things such as prepare meals, pick my daughter up from school, take a break, and exercise. When my […]

My first Demand Studios payout

A few days ago, I received an email from a Celebrate Life reader, they follow me via Celebrate Life’s RSS feed but don’t comment. Which is normal, if you look at your stats, in many cases you’ll find you have more people that regularly visit your site without commenting. Anyway this reader was curious about […]

Keeping it Simple; The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White has graced my bookshelf for numerous years, I can’t find my copy.  During the house renovations it was packed (or given) away. I was familiar with E.B. White, having read Charlotte’s Webb (along with a few of his other books) as a young child. However, […]

Busy as a bee; Taking care of customers and additional writing projects

My natural beauty business keeps me busy throughout the year. However, the colder months is hectic. During these times, I don’t do too much personal writing. Besides spending time with family, the majority of my attention is focused on my business. Recently, I decided to kick things up a notch with my writing, so decided […]

Right on track; Compromised websites and Interesting stats with newest sites

Over the past few days, a few of my sites have been out of commission. Although I back up my sites religiously, I forgot to back up the site on September, 2, 2010 so if you left a comment on my last post where I talked about the back to school week and freelance writing. […]

A successful week; Back to school, new site, & freelance writing info

  Back to school is in full swing, and my daughter was one of many school aged children that were whisked off to school. Initially, she was nervous about it, not having seen many of her classmates since last school year. However, she wasn’t as nervous as last year. She’d seen a few of her […]