Monthly Archives: October 2010

Bye bye solid foods; easing into a juice cleanse

If you flip through a magazine or turn on the television at times you might see some celebrity talking about cleanses. One that seems to be extremely popular is the Master Cleanse also called the Lemonade Diet. The ingredients consist of lemons, pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and purified water. That’s it! I’ve heard about […]

Exercise: Similar routine; different location

I’m happy to report that exercising outside of the home is going very well. Exercise has always been a part of my life the only major change I’m seeing is getting back into the gym. I’ve been a gym member with the same exercise facility for the past ten years. The last year I have […]

Turned 40 and loving it…

This past Saturday I turned 40, it passed quietly since I don’t get into celebrations that much. I love doing things for others though. I would have escaped the bulk of well-wishes if I weren’t a member of Facebook, family, friends (past and present) and even two lovely ladies from the blogging community Megan and […]