Monthly Archives: September 2011

Upcoming movie night; Mulan

Weekends are the time for my daughter and me to spend a lot of time with each other Many times it’s simply hanging out together. My daughter is eight years old, and is still at the age where mommy is still her favorite person in the world to hang out with. Today, while I was […]

Fall; My favorite season

I enjoy all seasons, but my all time favorite is Fall. This year, I’m thinking of ways I can preserve the autumn leaves that my daughter and I collect without laminating them. I guess a Google search is in order. This past weekend, my daughter wasn’t feeling that great. She received a cold, and so […]

Adventures in card making

Time flies by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday, when 2011 started.  Now there isn’t too many months left before this year is gone. It’s hard to believe I’ve let the blog stagnate for so long, but part of me knew I needed a break. Although this blog was silent, I still had an online […]