Monthly Archives: October 2011

Natural glass cleaner; earth friendly recipes

Those looking to ditch chemical based window cleaners might want to consider an environmentally friendly glass cleaner. The current economy has caused many people to scale back the amount that they spend on items. Within that group, I imagine there’s some that will be looking for affordable natural recipes to replace normal items they purchase […]

Cholesterol: Natural ways to lower LDL cholesterol

Over 106 million American, above the age of twenty, have high cholesterol, according to the American Heart Association. Finding time to include healthy food choices into a daily routine can be challenging for some. Lack of time can cause people to make unhealthy food choices.  It can be difficult to change old habits, however, the […]

Proud member of A Crafting Start

For those who are new to paper crafts, or are simply looking for card making inspiration, check out A Crafting Start. The site is only a week old, but quite a few of the contributors have been busy adding video tutorials on coloring digi stamps, a language library for terms related to paper crafts, you’ll […]

Celebrate Life; WordPress plugins

Note: This post isn’t directed at anyone, outside of the Top Commentators section which was added this morning, this was a scheduled post that I’d written several weeks ago. These are just some random observations, from someone that hasn’t done too much personal blogging in over a year. Adding a blogroll to my main page, […]

Paper Crafts: Sketch Diva

A few weeks ago I was hunting for some digital images aka digital stamps that I could incorporate into a card. I wanted them to be girly, and more specific, I wanted them to be ethnic. It took a lot of hunting but I finally found a nice selection that I enjoy. The original hair on this […]

Where oh where is my battery charger; Nikon D80

It seems as if my Nikon D80’s battery charger has gone missing. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my Nikons battery was running low, when I went to its usual spot (that I keep the charger) it was gone. Countless searches have been done, and I still haven’t found my Nikon D80 battery charger. […]

Three day weekend

Because of a teachers in-service, my daughter is out of school today. Naturally, I’m planning on squeezing tons of activities into her three-day weekend. Yesterday, we made a quick stop at the library. About a week ago, I’d requested books for my daughter, and they arrived at the library. When I checked yesterday, I noticed that […]