Monthly Archives: December 2011

Finding me on Twitter; @CrunchyOpal

I’ve been a Twitter use for a few years. The past year I haven’t been as active. Occasionally I’d resurface to make an occasional tweet, and just as quickly I’d disappear. Twitter was a bit too busy! However, that was partly my fault, since with my HealthyOpal account, I had a little over 800 followers; […]

Happy hooker: Crocheted my first (human) hat

Today, I made my first human crocheted item, a gold hat for my daughter. If you closely look, you might see a bit of pink yarn tied into this crocheted hat. I tend to use bits of yarn as stitch markers. This hat isn’t completed. I’ll be edging it with pink yarn. Perhaps I’ll add […]

A Merry Christmas and unexpected visitors

This morning, while I was hand washing dishes, I was greeted by the trumpeting of our neighbors rooster, Cock a doodle doo! — the rooster cried. I’d like to think he was telling our little community, Merry Christmas! He repeated his cry, Cock a doodle doo! and I couldn’t help but think he sounded louder than normal, […]

Christmas tradition; A bit crafty

Our Lutheran church had its Sunday service a day early (today). It was wonderful watching my daughter’s choir perform (along with the other groups). More important the pastor preached an excellent sermon. Then again he always does, but it was nice to see so many new faces hearing the message. Our Lutheran church had five […]

Crochet: Basic Beanie hat for Monster High doll; Frankie Stein

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a crocheted hat I’d made for the Monster High doll, Draculaura, she’s a Monster High doll. That hat was actually a crocheted square. I sewed three corners together to make it into a hat. I mentioned that I didn’t feel confident enough to make a proper hat. Well… the more I […]

Beginner Crochet: Completed hat and cape for Monster High doll; Draculaura

Since I’ve gotten back into crocheting, I haven’t made too many items, but I’ve decided to show the one above. I used three stitches with this ensemble; Crochet chain, single crochet, and double crochet. My gauge is still off, as can be seen in the ‘crocheted hat’ it’s not a lace crochet pattern, but look at […]

Two festive WordPress Christmas Plugins

Can you believe it? This year is almost over. Since I’ve done almost everything for Christmas, the only thing left for me to do is relax. Later this week, I’ll be posting a few pictures of the Christmas lights I’ve hung, along with the Christmas tree that we have. It’s not a live tree. While my […]