Monthly Archives: February 2012

February; the month has flown by….

Is it almost March already? What happened to February? It seems as if I blinked and the entire month just flew by. At times, I find it challenging to maintain this site. That happens, when my life gets busy. I’ll think about writing something, and when it next pops into my mind a few days […]

Keats: Bright Star

Although not a fan of romance type movies, I did enjoy watching Bright Star, admittedly the fascination had a lot to do with John Keats. I’ve been a fan of his since I read a book of poetry (I believe it was titled) Keats and Shelly (cover to cover) at eight years of age. My […]

Maryland Ravens; Wheelchair Basketball

The past few weeks have been extremely busy, thankfully things are starting to slow down for myself, and so I’ll be posting a bit more. Last week, my daughter and I went to a local wheelchair basketball game. The team is called the Baltimore Ravens, they’ve been around longer than the NFL football, Baltimore Ravens, […]