Monthly Archives: March 2012

Vegan: Dhal and brown rice with a ginger honey garlic sauce

I love Indian food, over the years I’ve created numerous vegan and non-vegan dishes.  When prepared for others, I don’t have any complaints. Earlier today I prepared this wonderful dhal. The brown rice and the honey garlic and ginger sauce that was made yesterday, was added to the dish. It was simple, delicious, and nutritious. Dhal is […]

Ginger honey garlic sauce over chicken and brown rice

Yesterday was one of those days… Those who love to cook, might be familiar with it… you enter the kitchen with every intention of making a specific meal, but your creativity leads you in a different direction. Well that happened to me yesterday. It actually has happened quite often. I let the vegetables, spices, and […]

What’s on my hook this weekend; crocheted Easter eggs…

I’m still working on my crocheted Yo-Yo afghan, the Yo-Yo’s are piling up at an alarming rate. I do believe I’ll take a picture of them soon. Spring break starts on Monday, and so today was my daughters last day of school for a week. Their teacher had a mini-Easter egg hunt for their third grade […]

Just a few more bags; housecleaning

Our home is looking empty, after my decluttering a few weeks ago… Items we haven’t used in a long time, were either given to the Purple Heart or tossed in the trash. This past week, I did collect a few odds and ends, that I must have overlooked. Since they were too battered, the only […]

Creating a meal from leftovers; Chicken fried rice

Yesterday, I told my daughter I was going to make chicken pot pie for todays dinner. I still had leftover chicken breasts from the meal I’d prepared for her this past Sunday, and I thought that placing the breasts in a crust, along with some veggies, would make a great dinner. Today in Maryland, the […]

Quilts; Global Missions Sunday

During the lenten season, my Lutheran church has a Global Missions Sunday. Ours was held on 03/11/12. Global Missions Sunday, wasn’t our typical church  service. It was nice hearing music from different cultures, listening to people translating verses into different languages. After the church service, people were treated to samples of food from various cultures. […]

Photography: Flowers; Pink Hyacinth

Remember the flowers I posted yesterday? Well, they’re Hyacinths. I thought that was what they were, but for some reason the purple flowers didn’t look like the ones I had last year? Hmm…  However after reading Karen’s comment, and actually taking another trek outside and looking at these pink flowers, which are the same type […]