Monthly Archives: June 2012

Too hot for gardening….

Today, the majority of the gardening work has been put on hold, because of the heat. It’s 100 F today. I’m used to the heat, after all I sit in a dry sauna that’s stays at least 180 F, I stay in there for about an hour. I make sure I stay hydrated. Even so, […]

Knitted ribbed beanie hat; complete but it’s missing something

It didn’t take long to finish knitting the ribbed beanie hat. I only had about five rows to do after all, and it was all decrease rows. Afterwards I washed the hat, but I think it’s missing something. I most likely will add some type of crocheted embellishment to this knitted hat. I like the […]

End is near; knitted ribbed beanie hat

The knitted ribbed beanie hat is almost complete, I should have it finished in about an hour. I added green lifelines to this knitted beanie hat, and once the knitted hat is completed, I’ll be yanking them out. And since it’s pouring down rain outside, it looks as though my daughter and I might be […]

Free day = work day

Is it odd that many of my “free days” actually turn into a workday? Around 6:00 am I was outside weeding our flower gardens, I then moved into the fruit and vegetable garden, and picked two large cabbage heads. I’ll be cutting them up and putting them in the freezer. Afterwards I tilled part of […]

Hooks and Needles; downtime projects

So… I’m coming to the end of my latest pattern test, and I’ve told myself not to volunteer for anything else until August.. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. In my defense some of the crocheted and knitted patterns that I’ve tested (over the past seven months) have been added to my Christmas list, a […]

Hanging with nature; early morning gardening….

Gardening and early mornings seem to go together… you know? it’s usually much cooler, which means I can complete a lot of work; weeding, bug removal, harvesting, without getting hot. Around 5:00 am this morning, you could find me in our garden applying a homemade remedy to the plants.  It’s organic, and the insects, and […]

Knitted amigurumi

The first amigurumi’s I made were crocheted earlier this year, but it wasn’t the first time I’d heard about them. I’d discovered them through an amazing knitter who makes exquisite amigurumi dolls. She’s the most talented amigurumi doll artists I’ve seen thus far.  In fact, the moment my daughter saw the dolls she asked me […]