Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’ve received a Beautiful Blogger award!

Well, it’s high time I post this award on my blog, don’t you think? DragonLady only gave it to me a few weeks ago. Let’s see, I’ve known DragonLady since my old site VeganMomma. I started that site in 2004. DragonLady is an inspiration, I enjoy reading her posts, which recently have been focusing around […]

Diamonds and pearls shawl; knitting

Since I’ve completed knitting the Elizabeth cowl. I decided to move onto another knitted project. I’m sure my regular readers have noticed that I’ve been on a knitting kick for the past  past few months… While flipping through a knitting book; The Knitters Book of Yarn, I stumbled upon a lovely shawl pattern designed by […]

Overabundance of produce; early morning gardening

Warning this is a picture heavy post… The past few weeks we’ve received heavy downpours of rain, and our garden has shown it’s appreciation through the overabundance of produce we’ve received. Watermelons picked from our one acre garden. Early morning is my favorite time to do gardening work, and so you usually can find me […]

Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles has arrived; replacement

I’ve always loved Black-eyed Susan’s… we have a lot of them around our house. I took this snapshot about an hour ago. Isn’t it lovely? Last week I commented about the awesome customer service I’d received from Knit Picks. I’d recently purchased the Options interchangeable circular knitting needles in nickel plate, upon inspection I noticed […]

Knitted Mary Jane slippers; simple

From the age of 12 – 15, one of my favorite shoes to wear were shoes similar to the ones I knitted above. I remember we referred to them as baby doll slippers, but they were also marketed as Mary Jane’s or China doll slippers too. The doormat below my feet says Wipe your paws! […]

Inspired by Curls & Q’s knitted teapot doohickey, I knitted wristlets….

“You first, Mrs. Boast,” said Ma, for Mrs. Boast was company. So Mrs. Boast opened her package. In it was a lawn handkerchief edged with narrow crocheted lace. Laura recognized it; it was Ma’s best Sunday handkerchief. Mrs. Boast was delighted, and so surprised that there was a gift for her. So was Mr. Boast. […]

Wendy knits lace and how do you ssk?

Earlier today, I received the book… Wendy Knits Lace by Wendy D. Johnson, flipping through the book. I saw plenty of knitted lace projects (simple and advanced) that will eventually end up as works in progress. I’m already a big fan of Wendy’s knitted designs, having thoroughly enjoyed her books; Socks from the Toe Up […]