Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ravelry Humor

I saw this on Ravelry, and just had to share… I think my favorite is How our LYS (local yarn stores) sees us.

Another excuse to knit; Christmas gift swap

At my job outside the home, they do a Christmas swap. You purchase an item for the name you draw, luckily for me the name I picked belongs to a really nice young man who’sĀ  very crochet /knit worthy… so along with the prepaid visa card that he can use wherever he likesĀ  (he has […]

I cry…

Sometimes I cry when I chop onions. It’s the only time I “cry”. But today I didn’t “cry” while chopping onions. Earlier this afternoon, I was craving Indian food, so I made my own version of dry chana masala, but I didn’t use garbanzo beans. My daughter hasn’t had this dish in several years, but […]

Adding to my yarn stash

I had no intention of purchasing yarn today. Earlier today, I took my daughter to A.C. Moore so she could select a Springfield doll. She wasn’t expecting the doll, and was thrilled when we went to the doll section and I told her to choose a doll. For those familiar with American Girls doll. The […]

Transitioning to working out of the home… part-time

This week, will be my first full week working out of the home, for several years. I still have the same clients I did when I worked from home full-time, but I must say it’s nice to venture out of the home and interact with others even if it’s on a part-time basis. I stay […]

Some nights…

  Besides knitted hats, I don’t think I’ve knitted any clothing for an infant. Sure I’ve made numerous sewn and crocheted items… but that’s not knitting. It’s time that I change that, right?     This is a quick knit, and I still have some work to complete but for the most part it’s finished. […]

The most wonderful time of the year…

Fall and winter are my most favorite times of the year. I love the cool weather, and to be honest I cannot tell you which season I like the most… Autumn brings along the changing of the foliage…which is lovely I must say, and gives me a chance to take numerous photos. Winter is always […]