Monthly Archives: December 2012

New Years Eve delivery from Just Yarns; Malabrigo worsted single ply yarn

Happy New Years Eve everyone! It’s been a busy day with work and crafting, and now things are starting to slow down. Early this afternoon, I received my fiber package from Just Yarns… Say what? Wasn’t I just writing about this yarn on Friday? It’s that lovely Malabrigo yarn, that I’ll be using to make […]

Anadiomena’s Advenures offering free pattern starting today until end of day, Jan 1

Good news my crafty knitters… There’s another free knitting pattern available, the catch is you have to take  advantage of this offer before the end of Jan 1, 2013. Browse through Anadiomena’s designs, choose one pattern you like, and don’t forget to enter the following code at check out: once upon december This works out […]

Goodness gracious, great balls of yarn

Late this afternoon, while my daughter and I watched Monsters vs. Aliens, I rewound most of the yarn I purchased during Knit Picks Cyber Monday sale. It took me long enough, right? The process lasted almost the entire movie, which was fairly quick based on the amount of yarn I had. To speed things up, […]

Pretty yarn for cancer patients

A few places where I volunteer, I use my crafting skills (crochet and knitting) to make hats for NICU babies and cancer patients. It’s a wonderful situation, they receive a hand knit item from a stranger who wants to help in some way, and as a process crafter, I get to do what I love… […]

A quick knit; another hat for my father…

Over the past year, I’ve made numerous items for my father. He’s extremely fiber worthy, and will wear whatever I make for him. I don’t just crochet or knit items and hope he likes them, Since I know his preferences, I make what he likes. Because he’s genuinely appreciative of what I make for him, […]

Increasing the yarn stash

It looks like she has a serious yarn addiction, right? I may or may not be able to relate to this… I was howling with laughter when I saw her sweater.  I guess she needs more yarn now — since she attached all her works in progress onto that sweater. 😉 I may or may […]

Christmas Eve; snow dusting

Here in my part of Maryland, the past few Christmases have been very green, no hint of snow was in sight. But this year was different… Monday, as we left the Christmas Eve service (at out Lutheran church) we were greeted with snowflakes! Adults and children alike, made delighted noises at seeing the snow. I’m […]