Monthly Archives: January 2013

Brother Se400; Checking out the embroidery function

About an hour ago I got to play around with my Brother SE400’s embroidery function. The sewing machine arrived on Monday.   I unpacked it the same day it arrived, just to see if I received all the parts, but I didn’t actually test it out until yesterday and then I only tested the sewing […]

Passion Play; Designing & sewing costumes for our Lutheran Church

Each year our Lutheran church performs the Passion Play. Have you seen it? It’s a reenactment of the events leading up to the death of Christ in Jerusalem. Last year was the first time my daughter and I saw the show and I was impressed by the performance, the sets and the costuming. I guess […]

Purchasing fabric online

My daughter and I didn’t get to the fabric store this weekend, however I have had a chance to check out a few online fabric stores… Ordering fabric online is a strange concept for myself since I’ve always purchased it from brick and mortar stores but I’m willing try something new. The first blogger that […]

Honor Roll breakfast

Friday, I received a certificate informing me that my nine year old daughter had made Honor roll for the second quarter. She’s in fourth grade. The top grade point average is a 4.0. She currently has a 3.7 GPA (grade point average) so she’s maintaining an A average. Based on her grades, I already knew […]

Machine embroidery sample; Monster High

I’m going to document my progress with sewing machine embroidery so I’ll be posting many of my new mistakes. One annoyance I’ve always had that many online don’t post their learning mistakes. That can be discouraging for some (not me since I’m very stubborn and will persevere until I get it right.) I really have […]

Embroidery software is new to me…

In preparation for my upcoming ‘crafty tech’ purchase… yes, I know it’s a embroidery sewing machine, but since it’s computerized I think it’s safe to say it classifies as ‘tech equipment’, right? I’ve started checking out embroidery software. It made no sense to do it before, since the software packages I’ve been looking at also […]

Gathering goodies for our Valentine

Our Lutheran church has many outreach ministries. Some of those ministries regularly visit a local nursing home throughout the year. Many of the visits involve our church’s youth… they visit, play games, and even have piano recitals hosted at the location.  It’s a nice change for the residents and a great way to get the […]