Monthly Archives: February 2013

Maryland Ravens are #1 – Wheelchair Basketball

Last year my daughter and I were able to attend one of Maryland Ravens game. They used to be called the Baltimore Ravens, and although they’ve been around much longer than the professional football team (40 years if I remember correctly) the Baltimore Ravens they still had to change their name… they chose the Maryland […]

Pattern Drafting for Springfield/American Girl dolls

Earlier this week, I promised my daughter we would make some outfits for her Monster High Dolls and her Springfield Doll. The Monster High dolls costumes can be a bit tricky since the dolls are tiny and have an odd shaped body.  We sewed all the outfits from repurposed clothing. The fabric used for the […]

The razor’s edge…

I’ve known about Gingher products for about thirty-six years… My mother owned a pair of Gingher dressmaking scissors.  I was fascinated by them, they were stainless steel, very smooth and oh so shiny! Since the blades were razor sharp, I wasn’t allowed to use them without supervision.  After all, I was only six-years old. My […]

More thread…

With the upcoming costumes I’m making for my Lutheran Church’s production of the Passion Play, I thought it would be a great idea to have a nice supply of machine sewing thread available. I have a lot of embroidery thread that I use with my Brother SE-400, but I’m not about to use that for […]

Online Humor – Wrong on the internet

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this cartoon. It made me laugh. I’ve seen my share of people interacting in various discussions where they simply have to be ‘right’ on whatever issue is being discussed. I shake my head and think to myself… You both made your point… just let it go. But no… […]

Passion Play – Behind the Scenes

Last evening my daughter and I attended the Passion Play practice.   It was a great chance to see the actors go over their lines (although I suspect many of the performers know them already) since it seems the same people play yearly. I must say that does make me wonder how ‘easy’ it would […]

Vintage pattern; Vogue 8875

My mom had a lot of patterns from the 1960s… If I look I might find some of them in my possession. One pattern that I was thrilled to see re-released was Vogue 8875. Apparently Vogue didn’t keep files of some of their vintage patterns and so they asked folks to share some of their […]