Monthly Archives: March 2013

This and that; knitting and sewing machine embroidery

This past week has been extremely busy and unfortunately I didn’t even get to sew the Easter dress for my daughter. We had a slight change in plans since my six year old nephew was visiting us and so my free time was spent including him on the activities that my daughter and I do. […]

Sewing: Another skirt marker

The past several weeks, my free time has been focused on sewing costumes for the Passion Play. I could have been reimbursed for the material that I’d purchased for the play but I decided that the money and time spent making the costumes would be my gift to the drama ministry at our Lutheran church. […]

Homemade Playdough

Yesterday, my daughter, nephew, and I had a lot of fun making playdough. I gathered all the ingredients; flour, salt, cream of tarter, water, and a bit of oil. I then cooked everything in a large pot. My six year old nephew was excited, and helped me stir the playdough. My nephew is staying with […]

…And that’s a wrap!

  Not too much is left to do with the Passion Play costumes… Let’s see, I still need to understitch the neck edge on the angel costume, blind stitch hems (resurrection and angel costume) and one last toss into the washer and dryer. Of course, they’ll need to be ironed and pressed once more before […]

Armhole & neck facings: Don’t forget to clip or notch the edges…

A few of the costumes that I’m designing for the Passion Play have neckline facings.   Facings are great to use when turning or creating a professionally finished hem is impossible. I like using facings around armhole openings or necklines since it’s quick and produces professional results. Neck and armhole facings: Don’t forget to clip […]

Just one more yard…

Well… it looks like I’ll be headed back to the fabric store today. I decided to modify the costume for Jesus’ ceremonial robe, so that’s why I’m headed back. I’m short about one yard (the director wants the robe to have a hood).  Since I need it ASAP, I’ve decided to purchase the fabric locally […]

A bit behind…

I was hoping to have all the Passion Play costumes sewn by now, but it looks like I’ll just have them completed by this Saturday. Which is perfect since the first performance is Sunday evening. In all fairness I didn’t get the last set of measurements (angel costume) until this Monday. Mary Magdalene’s costume was […]