Monthly Archives: May 2013

Adventures in Beekeeping: When bees attack

Part of my fascination with honeybees, like many of God’s creatures, is their intelligence… Sure they’re tireless workers which is evident with the myriad of tasks that go into keeping a hive healthy and functional but they also use a variety of strategies to handle potential robbers. Sometimes they’re effective in keeping out uninvited guests […]

Adventures in Beekeeping: Sometime this week, I’ll receive my bees

My honeybees arrive sometime this week. It’s a new experience for me and it can be overwhelming since I haven’t managed a beehive before but I do believe I’m prepared. I do have the knowledge about honeybees from the vast amounts of reading/research I’ve done on them over the years but that’s still not the […]

Charity knitting and some awesome dancing…

My daughter and I are watching the Hobbit, again.     So much crocheted, knitted, sewing and weaving goodness in one amazing movie! We didn’t watch it when it came out in the movie theater, we saw it for the first time on Saturday. Naturally watching this movie, just added fuel to my want to […]

Happy Memorial Day

Adventures in Beekeeping: Assembled Warre Hive

Tuesday, I finally put together my Warre hive. It was also my daughter’s birthday we chatted as she rotated between drawing with her new Bamboo Splash tablet and playing with her adorable knitted doll. She seemed quite fascinated with the entire Warre hive construction process and for some reason was particularly loved seeing me use […]

One happy girl; knitted amigurumi voodoo doll – complete

Yesterday, after work, I finally attached the limbs to the voodoo doll that I was knitting for my daughter.  It’s about time, right? This project has been sitting around waiting to be assembled for about a week! The free time I had, my daughter was always around. Naturally I didn’t want to complete the almost […]

A very special day; My daughter’s birthday

My how the time has flown by. At times it’s hard to believe that my lovely daughter was born ten years ago. My life has changed so much since she’s been around and I enjoy the time we share together. She’s top priority in my life, which is how it should be since she’s my […]