Monthly Archives: June 2013

Raccoon watching; unexpected surprise

“Mom come quickly,” said my daughter standing by the door.   Here’s what we saw   We went outside for a closer look. I think this raccoon was sick. This raccoon was stumbling. It’s behavior was similar to rabid animals that I’ve observed. A car came down in our community and the raccoon didn’t move. […]

Adventures in Gardening: Eliminate harmful garden pests with homemade neem Spray

I forgot to post the recipe I use for my Neem garden spray. I use my spray in the early morning or after 6:00 p.m. by that time most of the beneficial insects have stopped foraging and I don’t have to worry about dousing them with my spray. It’s a natural way to gradually remove […]

Knitting: Work in Progress; Cowl

I’m still knitting that “checkered cowl”. I haven’t had too much time to knit, but I try to knit a few rows weekly.   The stitch pattern is stockinette and seed stitch.  It’s simple, but I really like how this knitted cowl looks. If you look closely, you’ll see metal rings. That lets me know […]

Adventures in Beekeeping: Honeybees (nurse bees) feeding the larvae; pollen

As mentioned in my earlier adventures in beekeeping posts, this morning, when I checked my Warre hive, I discovered larvae!  Here are a few of the photos that I took this morning. The pictures are kind of blurry, my apologies for that. These were taken about 5:00 a.m., my bee photographer (ten year old daughter) […]

Adventures in Beekeeping: Bee Larvae

Earlier this morning, I realized that I hadn’t looked inside my hive since I went inside the Warre hive five days ago. Which is fine by me, I want the bees to do their own thing. I observe them daily, I’m just not inside their hive. Since I know the queen has been busily laying […]

Outdoor gardening; Daylily

I snapped this photo a few moments ago, it definitely stands out since it’s surrounded by a lot of green plants.

Adventures in Beekeeping; Inside our Warre Hive

Since acquiring our honeybees, I check on them daily. I love watching them. I must say they add additional joy to my already sparkling days. Life is too short, to spend it grumbling/complaining. I make the most with what’s been given to me. Bee watching is fascinating… While it’s true that I have gleaned a […]