Monthly Archives: July 2013

Cooking Adventures: Pressure cooking times

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon this amazing site called Hip Pressure Cooking. Interesting name, right? Of course I was curious, I know a lot about canning with my large 23 qt. pressure cooker. I also know that many myths about pressure cooking, such as most of the nutrients are lost, are simply not […]

Food Adventures: Ethiopian Cuisine; Siga Wot (Ethiopian Beef Stew)

As suspected, my Presto 8 qt. Pressure Cooker makes meat extremely tender. I didn’t taste it, but my¬† daughter and father told me it was tender.   A few hours ago, I made Siga Wot for both of them. My mother is working so I made enough for my father. I cut the beef into […]

Cooking Adventures: Ethiopian Cuisine; Tikil Gomen (Vegan)

Earlier today…   I satisfied my craving for Ethiopian food and made Tikil Gomen (Ethiopian cabbage dish.) I gathered the ingredients together…   Onions were chopped and set aside   Along with garlic, must not forget that!   Oh, we must not forget the potatoes. Guess what? They were dug up from our garden…   […]

Food Cravings: Taste of Africa; exploring Ethiopian cuisine

Recently I’ve been craving African food! African cuisine is something I prepare several times monthly. When I had the site Vegan Momma, one of the posts that received the most hits was an African peanut soup that I’d made. My goodness, was that good. There are different African cuisines that I want to prepare; Egyptian, […]

Cooking adventures: Stir fry broccoli, carrots, okra and habanero peppers; breakfast

A few moments ago…   I made this quick breakfast. It’s a very simple meal consisting of broccoli, carrots, okra and habanero peppers, they all came together to make a tasty meal. I made a vegetarian and vegan version. This version has the egg. All the vegetables, with the exception of the onions, came from […]

Adventures in Cleansing: Update

Thus far, I must say that I’m pleased with my cleansing process… I haven’t changed the way I eat, but I have introduced herbs, enemas and various other items that are specifically focused on bowel care. You know something? I always found it a bit strange that bowel health wasn’t talked about openly. The primary […]

Cooking adventures; Pressure Cooker

As I’ve mentioned numerous times on this site, I’m not a fan of canned beans. In my opinion, they don’t taste as good as cooking them myself. My first preference, is cooking freshly shelled beans from our garden, but if that’s not an option, I’ll always choose dried beans. Since I don’t always have time […]