Monthly Archives: September 2013

Adentures in Beekeeping: Taking two bars of honey…

This past Saturday, I finally went inside the beehive.  Of course, I”d thought about getting my daughter to take pictures, but the time that thought crossed my mind… I was already elbow deep inside the Warre hive. Another time, perhaps… Unlike the last time I opened up the hive there weren’t any nurse bees greeting […]

Adventures in Beekeeping: Preparing my honeybees for winter

I just realized that it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my honeybees. The hive is growing strong, all the females; workers, cleaning bees, nurse bees, etc.,  have come together to create a healthy & vibrant hive. I’m so proud of them. I still walk in our woods and check them out several times […]

Purchasing a Country Living Grain Mill

The past several months, I’ve been looking at grain mills and after much research, I’ve finally decided on the one that I will, most likely, purchase; The Country Living Grain Mill.   It’s made in the USA, and has a lifetime warranty. It’s not cheap, running over $400, but it will last a lifetime and […]

Juice Cleanse: Watermelon Juice

This watermelon came from our garden, it wasn’t overly sweet like some watermelons are, it had a touch of sweetness but the juice was great Last week, I made this delicious juice. It stood out from the majority of the juices I made from dark leafy greens. I filled up my Green Feet canteen, and […]

When you’ve got that glow…

Not too long ago, I ran into an acquaintance when I was at the gym exercising. It had been a few years since I’d seen him, so we chatted for a little while. I must say, it was nice to catch up with him. What was interesting was, that he kept complimenting me on my […]

Fruit Pudding: Apple and Mango

For breakfast, this morning, I pureed my daughter apple and mango. Simple meal, but my goodness is it delicious. Those two fruits work so well together. She’s been calling pureed fruit, fruit pudding since she was a toddler. It does have the consistency of pudding and since it’s pureed from fresh fruit it’s a much […]

Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder: Bonafide Love

In the early 1990’s a Triniadian/Haitian man I was dating turned me on to Buju, the first video below was definitely my favorite from the CD. I loved the beat so I snapped up the CD that was available at the time. It was a wonderful surprise to learn that there were many other songs […]