Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Halloween

Well, my daughter is looking forward to this evening. She will be going Trick or Treating. It’s the first time for her. She’s going with her best friend, O. I’ll be tagging along. I still have to sew a Halloween bag to hold all the goodies that she receives, but that can be easily whipped […]

Keeping it simple: Sauteed vegetables; Broccoli, cabbage, green beans, parsnips and mushrooms

Those that know me, or have seen my food posts, know that I make almost all my meals. I eat mainly whole foods and rarely used processed items to add to the meals I prepare.   Yesterday morning, I prepared this meal.  It’s a simple sauteed dish to which I added a few herbs and […]

How do I find time to write almost daily? I schedule posts in advance…

A few of my friends, that read my personal blog, ask me how I manage to stay on top of my posts. They know how active I am with my daughter, work, and the various Lutheran outreach ministries that I’m involved with and some used to wonder how found the time to write almost daily. […]

Vegan (Eggless) Eggrolls and honey ginger sauce…

My daughter loves when I prepare eggrolls. Now that I think about it, they really aren’t “eggrolls.” I make my own wrappers and don’t add eggs to them. So they’re “eggless eggrolls,” right? Regardless, these vegan eggless eggrolls turned out really well. Let’s see cabbage was in them, carrots, sprouts, beans and some other veggies. […]

Praying Mantis and honeybees…

A little over week ago, I saw this female praying mantis hiding amongst the daisies. I watched her for several minutes. Initially she appeared to be sleeping and then she awakened. She seemed intensely curious with all the activity that the daisies attracted. I guess she was looking for a feast. She moved to a […]

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m drop dead exhausted, but… it’s much too early to sleep. I just returned from my class and now it’s time to hang out with my daughter. I’m looking forward to doing a bit of sewing for her; Halloween costume and her Christmas outfit. 😉 You know… I […]

Finding the balance

My goodness has it been a busy few weeks for myself, it has all passed by in a blur! I’m surprised that I have had time to post here on Celebrate Life. To be honest, while posting, I’ve been multitasking so that’s the only reason there’s been activity on this site. I can’t believe this […]