Monthly Archives: November 2013

I can’t knit just one…

This has been a very relaxing Thanksgiving holiday for my daughter and myself. Besides the daily cooking and other household chores we have done nothing. Well… I take that back our ‘nothing’ has been creative. I’ve been knitting and my daughter has been writing and drawing with her Wacom Splash tablet.   The past few […]

Nine Inch Nails – The Hand that Feeds

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” is a saying I heard my mother say since I was young. She still says it occasionally about some people.  If you think about it, you do have people that prey on folks kindness, and will attack those that are helping them. I always thought that was a […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a holiday in the United States, Thanksgiving day! Besides spending the day with my daughter and relaxing, I won’t be doing too much.    

Zojirushi hot lunch jar; silicone cupcake liners work great

Towards the end of last week, I ordered silicone cupcake liners to add to my bento tool collection. I purchased them because I thought they’d be a colorful and creative way to keep dry and moist foods separate in my daughters Zojirushi hot lunch jar. Silicone cupcake liner features BPA Free and FDA approved non-stick […]

What the…Black Eyed pea burgers?

Some of my earliest memories of black eyed peas involves my mother cooking them. They were highly seasoned and usually accompanied with pieces of some type of meat. I remember my mother favored seasoning the beans with ham hocks or neck bones. Thinking back, the addition of the ham did add flavor to the beans. […]

I say tok tok, he says pok pok…

A few days ago I stumbled upon a Thai based cookbook. I can’t remember how I found the book, but I can say that I was drawn to it because a mortar and pestle graced the cover. I love my mortar and pestle, it gets plenty of weekly action in our home.  Guess what? Andy […]

Satisfying cravings: Chicken & vegetable egg rolls

Last week, my daughter asked me if I would make Chicken vegetable egg rolls for dinner. I’d made vegan eggless eggrolls towards the end of October, but have not made any since that time. Since I knew I didn’t have any chicken breasts, I stopped by the grocery store (on my way home from work) […]