Monthly Archives: December 2013

Knitting: Ann Yamamoto has free shawl designs available on Ravelry

Aren’t these shawls lovely?   My favorite is Bonsai! Oh by the way, clicking on each picture will take you directly to the page where you can download the pattern. This past weekend, Curls & Q’s clued her readers into these delightful knitting patterns. Do you want to know something? They’re free. Q is  quite […]

32″ Kromski Harp: Making a Pinwheel Houndstooth blanket

Even before I purchased my 32″ Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom, I knew that I wanted to weave a blanket. Initially I thought I’d make a blanket in simple weave but now I believe I’ll step up my game and incorporate a Houndstooth pattern for the blanket design. The houndstooth pattern is a favorite pattern […]

Mirrix Loom-16 inch Big Sister with shed; unboxing and beaded loom adventures

Yesterday, my Mirrix Loom-16 inch Big Sister with shed device arrived! If you thought I was bead weaving as soon as it arrived you would have been wrong. My daughter and I were out when it arrived and after we  returned home I was helping her with another (second) beaded creation; a bracelet for her […]

Beadweaving images on a loom

As the video below shows you can create some amazing works of art with a loom and beads. I’m a bit torn at what my big project will be with my Mirrix: 16″ Big Sister Loom. I’d love to do something with beads, but then I think about tapestry. Perhaps I’ll combine them both into […]

Gateway to other looms…

I knew when I purchased my 32″ Kromski Harp, it was simply the gateway to other looms.  The fact I’m receiving another so early was unexpected… Say hello to the Mirrix Loom-16 inch Big Sister with shed. This loom is made in the United States and I should receive it tomorrow. Just look at it, […]

Random pizza post

Early this week, my daughter asked if we could make pizza. Of course we can! My daughter is a great helper, she ground up the various ingredients in our mortar and pestle while I got the dough out of our bread maker. We added a lot of veggies to the pizza. I did not feel […]

Crafty Christmas; making a beaded bracelet and loom woven cloths

My daughter and I had a wonderful Christmas. We spent a lot of time in the family room chatting while being absorbed in our own creative world. One of the gifts I gave to my daughter was a beading loom, after showing her how to use it she immediately started working on a bracelet. I […]