Monthly Archives: February 2014

Day 7: Juice cleanse; It’s all about the savory…

Well, I’m into Day 7 of my juice cleanse… and I’m still feeling great. As I’ve said before, I feel amazing when I’m not on a juice cleanse. I know that largely has a lot to do with my outlook on life, fueling my body with the correct nutrients and my faith in Christ. Life […]

Juice Cleanse: Day 6; no hunger, feeling great!

Well, I’m beginning Day 6 of my juice cleanse… Today I awoke at 3:30 a.m. and I feel great! By the way, between 3:30 – 4:00 is the normal time I awaken daily, without alarm clock.  Last evening, I made my twist on ‘V8’ juice. Naturally, it’s much healthier than the ‘V8 juice’ you purchase […]

Juice cleanse: Day five; actual hunger

Well, I’m starting Day 5 of my juice cleanse… This morning I awoke around 12:30ish, but it was to make a bathroom run, and back to bed I went. I did awaken a bit later than normal, 4:45. I’m usually awake a between 3:30 and 4:00. First Drink of the day Hot Ginger root tea […]

The American Parasite

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon this video. It wasn’t what I was expecting, based on the title, but I’m glad I watched the video. I enjoyed it up until the last few minutes when it came to the selling. Taking something will not make all your issues away in order to see lasting results […]

Juice Cleanse: Starting day 4; I’m itchy, awake and still feeling great!

Well I’m entering day 4 of my juice cleanse and I’m awake. I awoke shortly after 11:30 p.m. and have not been able to get back to sleep yet. Well,  technically it is my fault. I could have drank hot tea to help me go back to sleep, but no there I lay in bed […]

Juice Cleanse: Day 3; feeling great

I’m currently going into day 3 of my juice cleanse and I feel great. This morning, I was up at around 1:30 a.m. I couldn’t sleep and so I drank one of my potent dark green juices. What was in this blend? Obviously, it has dark leafy greens, but I also included ginger, head of […]

Juice Cleanse: Raw apple juice

My juice cleanse is going well. In fact, my daughter has joined me for one meal. I guess she want’s to support her mommy, right? Late this afternoon, my daughter asked if I would make her apple juice. Since my Breville (centrifugal juicer) does a much better job of juicing apples than my Green Star […]