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Zojirushi Lunch Jar: Hot lunch = huge success

You know something? My daughter still religiously totes around her Zojurushi lunch jar. Most of the days it comes home empty. However, there are some days when that’s not always the case. In those instances, it’s normally because her teacher, before lunch, has went over and has cut into their lunch time. Oh by the […]

Zojirushi Lunch jar: What’s for lunch?

I’ve received a few emails from people wondering what I’ve been packing in my daughters lunch.  So, I decided to put my scheduled post (for today) on hold and share what I packed in her Zojirushi lunch jar this morning. The above photo shows everything!  All of the insulated jars are neatly lined up ready […]

Zojirushi lunch jar: First school lunch – food stays hot!

My daughter’s first hot lunch in her Zojirushi SL-XCE20HG Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tiffin Box was a success!  Her fifth grade class eats lunch about 4.5 hours after school has started. She told me the food was hot, not warm but hot! She said it was like it had just come off our stove. The […]

Zojirushi hot lunch jar: Noodles, cornbread, Mac & Cheese…

Earlier this week, I prepared a meal specifically for my daughters Zojirushi Tiffin jar. This above photo is everything that went into my daughters Zojirushi hot lunch jar. The main course was made on the morning she went to school… Initially I was going to make noodles and some type of sausage meatballs in a […]

Zojirushi hot lunch jar; silicone cupcake liners work great

Towards the end of last week, I ordered silicone cupcake liners to add to my bento tool collection. I purchased them because I thought they’d be a colorful and creative way to keep dry and moist foods separate in my daughters Zojirushi hot lunch jar. Silicone cupcake liner features BPA Free and FDA approved non-stick […]

Zojirushi stainless lunch jar; Veggies, rice and meatballs

As you can see… discovering, the hot lunch jars has definitely expanded the types of homemade foods that I can add to my 10yo daughters lunches. As I already mentioned, the lunches I prepared before were homemade, but I was limited since she wasn’t using an insulated lunch box. This week my daughter had a […]

Kitchen Adventures: Breakfast for lunch

Earlier this week, I made this meal, for my daughter’s breakfast. She loves a hot breakfast and most mornings I prepare one for her. My daughter loved her breakfast so much, that she requested it for lunch at school. Sometimes, she likes eating breakfast for lunch. In the far upper left hand corner,  you’ll see […]