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Fermenting Adventures: Kombucha 101 (Video)

Not too long ago I stumbled upon this Kombucha video. If you’ve read this site recently, you already know that I’m on a natural soda kick and you already know that I’ve shared a few Kombucha videos. But I haven’t shared one quite like this… This video is the longest kombucha videofeatured on this site, […]

Fermenting Adventures: Honey Garlic & Kombucha Tea

Well… look at my ferments! I’m so happy. I now have three SCOBY’s! I guess I should have posted a picture all of them below, however in the first picture you only see one. As I mentioned in a prior posts, I want my SCOBY discs a bit thicker and so I’ve added them to […]

Fermenting Adventures: How to make kombucha SCOBY

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this wonderful video on how to make your own fermented kombucha SCOBY. I’m finally getting around to making my own tomorrow. I purchased some raw fermented kombucha from my local Target; it cost a little $3.49 per bottle. However I won’t have to purchase any more since I […]

Brewing and crafting

During my down time, which I don’t seem to have much of, but I’m not complaining… I’ve been squeezing in a few moments to do some hand crafting. I have been making some hand crafted items and of course I’ve been staying on top of my ferments; kombucha, water kefir soda and fermented vegetables.   […]

Fermenting Adventures: Water kefir grains are multiplying!

Earlier this week, my daughter and I consumed a bottle of kefir. That was an apple kefir and my daughter loved that a lot. It’s “lighter” than the kombucha. It looks like she’ll stick to the water kefir while I happily swap between the two. Initially, I wasn’t seeing any growth with my water kefir […]

Fermenting adventures: Water kefir – location is everything

Well… as I mentioned in an earlier post, my water kefir grains arrived a few days ago. I must say that even with my packaged water kefir grains the process to get a batch of natural soda up and running was much quicker than my kombucha! To be fair, I had to grow a SCOBY, […]

Fermentation adventures: Finally making my sourdough starter…

One of the challenges a person can face for wanting to prepare everything themselves, is finding the time to do just that. Take myself for example, I love that I’m so self-sufficient. When it comes to meal preparation, clothing and skin care products. I really don’t have to rely on someone or a company to […]