A bag of lentils…

I absolutely love lentils! I make them in a variety of dishes,

Recycled photo: Dhal with brown rice and a honey ginger garlic sauce

but one of my favorite ways to prepare lentils, is to make dhal with a side order of homemade chapati. The above photos, is taken from a post that I created on March 31, 2012. It’s dhal with brown rice and a honey ginger garlic sauce. The only thing missing in the above photo, was chapati.

Of course, in order for me to make the type of dhal that I’ve been craving, I needed lentils and I did not have any in the food pantry. I normally purchase my lentils locally; however, earlier this week, I decided to purchase them online at Amazon. Since I’m an Amazon a Prime member, I get my products within two days.

5 pound bag of lentils
5 pound bag of lentils


I bought a five pound bag that should arrive some time today. Soon after they arrive, I’ll be making a dhal and some chapati. If I like the lentils grown and harvested by this small company, I’ll be purchasing a 45 pound bag.


Hearty Lentil Stew – Vegan

This past Sunday, my daughter and I were at the BF’s and so I decided to make a large pot of lentil soup. I told the BF, it was one less meal he’d have to prepare during the week.  Those who know me, already realize I don’t follow recipes. I just tossed in what spices and seasonings were available. I will say, my selection was limited since I was using what was on hand at his place. However, I’ve been gradually introducing a variety of herbs/spices to his food pantry.

PostLast evening, he posted about the stew on his Facebook page and tagged me in the post.

Just us

He also posted this picture of us. Please note, I hate this picture of me, but he loves it a lot. He went on to declare how much he loved me. I told him, it’s the food, that’s what he loves so much. I’m just the person who creates it! I’m joking, it’s much more than that. Since I’m introducing him to healthier lifestyle, you’ll see more food related posts here at Celebrate Life.

Initially, I referred to dating as the dreaded “d word”. 😉 I am almost sure I mentioned that to Jennifer in some of our email conversations, after all, Jennifer, was the first online buddy that I mentioned him too. Jennifer and I have ‘virtually’ known each other for about nine or ten years? She’s also the #1 blog pal I want to meet in person. She’s super sweet, beautiful and funny. I know we’d get along well in person.

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Pete J

Aynaria woke my taste buds up after 45 years. I mean, I always thought my Mom to be the greatest cook ever! Then in February, Aynaria and I began dating after not speaking for nearly 27 years since high school. I thought that I was going to impress HER with MY kitchen skills! I’m SO glad I let her prepare the first meal…lasagna. I pride myself in my signature dish, my baked ziti. I was knocked out by the taste of her food in the first round! It was delicious!! After that, I was terrified to cook for her. My food, and everything I have eaten up to that point in my life simply lacked the amazing flavor Aynaria used in everything she cooked. All freshly ground herbs and spices that store bought products just don’t “bring to the table”. EVERYTHING just exploded with flavor, and I was able to slow down and savour every sinless bite!! So far, the lentil tacos were my favorite. The most important myth Aynaria has debunked for me is that “It has to be bad for it to taste good”. WRONG! From letting her talk me into juicing, to eating healthy foods in moderation, Opal has changed my life!! Just a bit of advice….if she tells you that she’s going to get you to try juicing…don’t bet her that she won’t. It’s a losing battle! Thanks, Sweetheart, for loving me enough to incorporate some change into my life, and for doing it with love!


So sweet, your Pete. Yes, as they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…so keep cooking him nice stuff. LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..I honestly love you…


Fellow lentil lover here who also reads Jennifer’s blog! That’s a long time to of been in contact! I met a fellow blog friend for the first time in real life last year and we got along so well, it was really lovely 🙂
Sandy recently posted..Refried Bean Dip with Corn Crisps

[…] this week. However, the past week or so, I’ve been making all sorts of dishes  that used lentils as the main ingredient and so I knew before long I’d be making […]


Hi there! LOVE the photo of the two of you! I take Pete’s side with this one…it’s lovely!

YUP! I think it has been about 10 years since we’ve ‘met’ online! I’d love to meet up one of these days for sure!!! Thanks so much for the kind words, too! I’m not used to that LOL (blush)

The two of you look so happy! I’m glad you reconnected after years of being apart!
Jennifer recently posted..Meeting the Garden of Life Team – Part 1