A bit busy, but still crafting

Posted by on September 28, 2012 at 10:07 am.

The past week or so, it’s been busier than normal. Of course this means that my time for extra curricular activities, such as personal blogging, has been pushed to the backburner to simmer, while my focus has been on more important things.

Outdoor workout

A lot of yard work was complete, such as chopping and stacking wood. Which is an excellent workout, planting fall vegetables, and of course taking my daughter to the numerous after school activities that she’s involved with.  Crochet and knitting usually accompany me during those activities and it’s usually a simple project so that I can still interact with others while I watch my daughter practice.

Knitting, sewing, and some crochet

Knitted amigurumi has been the main items on my circular needles, which of course makes my daughter happy— but I’ve been working on other small projects too; mainly clothing.  Additional books have been gotten, many focused on knitting but one that focuses on sustainable living….which is something I try to incorporate into my daily life, so it’s nice to see other like-minded souls that practice this too.


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