A quick knit; another hat for my father…

Over the past year, I’ve made numerous items for my father. He’s extremely fiber worthy, and will wear whatever I make for him. I don’t just crochet or knit items and hope he likes them, Since I know his preferences, I make what he likes.

Because he’s genuinely appreciative of what I make for him, I have a real hard time waiting to give him his items.

Many of the items I’ve given to him were supposed to be some of his Christmas gifts, like the simple garter stitch scarf, knitted Balaclava hat, or the knitted wristlets I made in July. He received all those items much before Christmas. My mom is different, I can hold onto her knitted items for months. The knitted Elizabeth cowl I made in August was gifted to her for Christmas, along with a few bought items. She seemed to like everything.

Ribbed beanie hat I made for my father. It was finished in about four or five hours.
Ribbed beanie hat I made for my father. It’s 100% wool. It was finished in about four or five hours.


But back to my father…I almost wound up having no gift for him on Christmas day. You see… the order I’d placed from Amazon (collection of old western movies and history documentaries which he adores just like me) didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. And while I knew he could care less about receiving anything (I’m the same way) on Christmas day, I still wanted to give him something.

The evening of Christmas Eve, you could find me furiously knitting him a simple ribbed beanie hat. Shortly after midnight I completed the knitted hat, and off to bed I went… The good news is that he seems to love his new hat, and he’s on the look out for his much adored westerns and historical documentaries.

My new Hiya Hiya steel Sharp interchangeable needles have been receiving a serious workout, I’ve  finished another project! At the rate I’m going (knitting the variety of yarn weights I’ve used for various projects) I’ll be able to give a educated review of the needles soon!

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Great! LOVE the blue next to the Grey!
I’d wear that and I KNOW my husband would, too! 🙂
Very Versatile! Would go with a lot of stuff, too!
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I wish I had that when I was in NZ. The old folks here (of Chinese descent) believe that in the event of rain, we must have our heads covered or we would fall sick…so we would use a handkerchief or a hand towel to cover the head. Didn’t want to do that there lest they would think that I had gone bonkers. Wanted to buy a hoodie but could not find my size.
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curls and q

Q – Fast thinking and faster fingers! I accidentally shipped daughter Darcey and s-i-l Todd’s gift to me. Long story….. Sigh…
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