A shot of ginger

Posted by on April 23, 2013 at 9:41 am.

Two days ago, I made a big batch of ginger tea and added it one of my Mason Jars that I normally use for canning.

Homemade Ginger tea

Ginger has many benefits and is a natural energy booster.

I use ginger in numerous ways, but my favorite has to be drinking the blend. Sometimes I get a bit fancy and add mint, peppermint to the brew.  I drink it unsweetened but occasionally I’ll sweeten it with raw honey or stevia.

Ginger has many uses in our household… I brew it in a tea, juice it with my juicer,  toss chunks of it into my blender when I’m making smoothies and some of the smoothy ingredients get added to popsicle molds. The spiciness of the root adds a nice kick and gives a delightful jolt of energy! I never use artificial stimulants. There’s no need with ginger in the house.


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