Adventures in Beekeeping: First hive inspection

Posted by on June 8, 2013 at 8:16 am.

Earlier this morning, I opened up my Warre hive.

1st Warre hive inspection-honeycomb

First inspection of my Warre hive: Honeybees have already started to making honeycomb


The workers had released the queen and were already building comb as shown in the above picture.

1st Warre hive inspection_1

First inspection of my Warre hive


The queen is already laying eggs and was surrounded, several bees deep, by her protective workers. Since I don’t want to disturb the honeybees anymore than absolutely necessary, after filling the top bar feeders, I closed up the hive and counted my blessings. I’m very happy that the honeybees have decided to stay.

I must say that I’m glad that I ordered the large bee suit (I wear a small). I’m able to put my regular clothes on under the suit and still have plenty of room.

Yesterday, is when I’d originally planned on doing my first beehive inspection, however the day long rain put a stop to that. This morning, seeing clear skies, I promptly headed out to the hive to get the inspection out of the way. In total, I was in the hive less than five minutes. As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t want to disrupt the honeybees more than I have too.  I want to be as hands-free as possible.

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