Adventures in Beekeeping: Six days later…

Honeybee checking on the bees_1-001Tomorrow will mark a week that I’ve had my honeybees.

About an hour ago, I checked on them armed with 1:1 sugar water that was put into my top bar feeder. Click on the link to see what it looks like. The mason jars hold 16 oz.

It’s a good thing that I went out there this evening instead of waiting until tomorrow morning, both feeders were empty! I had just refilled the honeybees feeders this past Saturday. The honeybees sure have an appetite!  I had a few guard bees checking me out. One landed on my bee veil to check me out but after I put their sugar water in and replaced everything they went back into their hive.

The best time to go inside the hive is in early morning and evening time since the honeybees are normally inside. When I cracked open the hive around 8:00 p.m., the honeybees were still working.

Since Saturday they’ve filled up the entire first box with comb and are have now moved into the second box. I am impressed. I didn’t stay in there long, the mosquitoes were out and I haven’t properly sprayed the area with neem, and although I and my daughter and I were fine with our natural mosquito repelling body spray, I simply didn’t want to be around that area.

Judging by the way they’re eating the next time I check on them will be Friday. I’ll take the time to take some up/close and personal shots of the honeybees and perhaps look for the queen too.

Click the link, to check out all of my beekeeping adventures.

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