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Time flies by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday, when 2011 started.  Now there isn’t too many months left before this year is gone.

It’s hard to believe I’ve let the blog stagnate for so long, but part of me knew I needed a break.

Although this blog was silent, I still had an online presence, mainly through Facebook and Twitter. Admittedly, I wasn’t actively posting. However, I’d poke my head into those virtual corners every few weeks, to chat with folks, or share links. My daughter and I’ve been having a blast creating cards.

This past weekend, we started thinking of ideas for Halloween. Holiday cards are handed out by many of the students at her school. I thought it’d be nice this year to hand out personalized Halloween cards.

That was the easy part. The hardest part was  deciding what stencils to choose. Hmm….  my daughter does loves cats. I did a Google search and found numerous free samples of cats, in a variety of shapes and sizes. I finally choose a few that looked ‘sufficiently creepy’ and had my daughter pick her favorites.


Stencil cat sml


Photo: Cat Stencil courtesy of Band of Cats

Isn’t that cat precious? I shrunk this cat to fit on a small card. I cut out the actual cat, traced it onto card stock paper, and cut out the cat with an X-ACTO knife. I’ll have to post screen shots, once the card has progressed a bit.

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I’m so glad we found eachother online again! I truly have missed you and your posts! 🙂 Looking forward to many more as well as your new creations!!!! HUGS!

[…] I really like the idea, using the items you have on hand to make a card. Thus far, that’s what I’ve done with the cards I’ve made. True, a few weeks ago, I had to purchase some items. That’s expected, I’m still new to card-making. It’ll be a while before I catch up with their card making stash. However, I’m having a lot of fun. The Cuttlebug was my first big card making purchase. I still have my eye on the Cricut Expressions. […]