Adventures in Knitting; Checkered Cowl is finished!

I’m happy to say that a few minutes ago I finished knitting the checkered cowl.

Knitted - Completed Checkered Cowl_3-001
Knitting: I’ve finished the checkered cowl!


It seemed like this took forever to complete, but that’s because I was only able to work on it a few minutes now and again. So of course the time completing this project seemed to take forever.

This is one of the “playing with stitches” projects that I was knitting. I didn’t use a pattern I came up with my own. I decided to use my favorite stitches (stockinette and seed stitch) and alternate them throughout the entire project. I must say I’m pleased with the results. Eventually, I’ll make a matching hat and gloves to complete the ensemble. 😉 And who knows, I might even add a matching scarf, for the days for when wearing a cowl is not enough. No, this cowl isn’t for me. My hands love to stay busy, so I make things and set them aside to be given to someone at a later time.

The majority of the items I make are hats. I’m currently knitting and setting aside hats to be given to a local hospital this fall. I make hats for NICU and cancer patients.

Now that this project is finished, I’m itching to work on something else however I don’t know what I want to make. Part of me wants to knit an amigurumi… but what? This past May, I knitted an amigurumi voodoo doll for my daughter’s birthday. She loves that knitted toy. Then there’s another part of me that wants to work on a simple sweater for me. Perhaps it’s time that I start knitting the Sylvi cardigan. I adore knitting cable stitch.

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