Adventures in Knitting: Ken looks pretty in pink

Posted by on July 19, 2013 at 3:29 pm.

It’s interesting that my daughter now loves playing with dolls. If this had been four years ago, you couldn’t pay her to play with them.

Knitted hat for daughter's Ken doll_1


Earlier this week, I started knitting a hat with my Hiya Hiya Sharp 60″ fixed circular knitting needles; needle size is 0. It didn’t take me long to complete.

I used the yarn that I had chosen to make the knitted kitty love hat for my daughter. Not much was used in that hat, just a tiny band near the crown.

Knitted hat for daughter's Ken doll_2

My daughter and I were watching some movie that I can’t remember. This small project was the perfect way to keep my hands occupied. I must say, I think this knitted hat looks great on Ken and as I told my daughter I think he wears the color well, don’t you? Some men, look amazing in pink. I’d wish more of them wore this color.

Regarding dolls…

I believe part of my daughter’s fascination with them, is creating back stories and stop motion movies for her Monster High Dolls. Often, she involves me into her doll play, and why shouldn’t she? She learned all about creative story telling from me. Before she went first grade, I had had her create stories. I’d tell her, I’m going to pick two words and you’ll have to create a story about those words. Initially, she found that a bit challenging, but over time and listening to me do it quite easily, she adjusted. I mainly did that to help her in school and it paid off well, since for the most part she’s always received A’s in Creative Writing.

For once, in a long while, I’m not working on any knitting. Well… it’s only been a few days since I finished the knitted hat. I’m sure I’ll have another project soon.


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