Am I attending Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2012; not this year

I was looking forward to attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival 2012, but that won’t be happening, since I’m a bit busy.

Earlier this week, I learned there’s going to be a multi-cultural discussion held at my Lutheran church later today; One of our pastors recommended me. I’m guessing, the pastor suggested my name, since I’m already active with the homeless shelter ministry, food pantry, and the quilting group.

I was thinking that if I go, my chances of attending the festival are slim. There was hope for Sunday, and I was planning on attending the festival immediately after church. We attend the early morning service, so it’s over by 10:15. Turns out they are having a catered luncheon for those involved in the church’s music ministry. Since my daughter sings on one of the children’s choirs, we’ll be attending the luncheon. It’ll be catered, and they have a DJ also, so it should be a good time.

Naturally, I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t be attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I was looking forward to seeing all the vendors, and perhaps meeting people I’ve chatted with from the various online communities that I frequent, but there will be other years.

Am I disappointed, yes! But I do believe I made the right choices, and I’m looking forward to the activities I’ll be participating in this weekend.

Today, is gorgeous, and so I’ll be gardening when my daughter and I return to the house this afternoon.

Also, the evening will be spent hanging with my daughter and perhaps I’ll have a chance to crochet Coraline.

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