Amigurumi Coraline; work in progress wednesday

This week is flying by, hard to believe its Wednesday already. Not too many work in progresses to show today, that’s because most of my projects are complete!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to feature them and my amigurumi Coraline in Finished Object Friday. I’ve missed the past two.

But, back to Work in progress Wednesday…

Coraline is one of my favorite books by Neil Gamon

By the time I discovered Coraline, I’d already read numerous books by Neil  Neverwhere, MirrorMask, American Gods, Angels & Visitations… are just a few that I read. I love his writing style, and although Coraline is considered a children’s book, the dark plot kept me hooked, so much so that I finished it in one sitting.  That’s not the first time I’ve done that with one of Neil Gamon’s books.

Amigurumi crochet Coraline daughter book

Towards the end of last week, I did a search for amigurumi and Coraline. Makes sense, right? I’ve only been making a ton of amigurumis over the past few weeks. Might as well start checking out amigurumis based on some of my favorite book and gaming characters, right? My search led me to Sharon Ojala’s lovely site, and her crocheted amigurumi Coraline. More on Sharon, including links to her free patterns, at the end of this post…

I really loved Sharon’s Coraline, and started making my own… uhm well my daughter’s  amigurumi Coraline towards the end of last week. I wanted to deviate from the free Coraline pattern, but my daughter requested it be similar to Ms. Sharon’s, ok I can do that…

Since my daughter was enamored by the Coraline she saw, I dug up my worn copy of Coraline and gave it to my daughter to read. She loves the book, and has almost finished reading it. Since she started reading it, she now carries the unfinished Coraline with her, when I’m not working on it.

I was really excited about starting this amigurumi project, making amigurumi animals, isn’t new to me, but I am new to making amigurumi dolls. Because of that, I’m having fun making Coraline. To be honest, I could have had this doll finished a lot sooner, but I’m taking my time with her, savoring the experience, and learning some brand-new techniques such as crocheting the legs in a different way than I’m used to, and crocheting actual fingers!

Thus far, my favorite part has been creating the face, and rooting her hair. I’ve done plenty of hair rooting, but this is my first time to hair root an amigurumi doll.

Amigurumi crochet Coraline 2 05 09 12

And here’s a closeup of Coraline. I wanted to embroider the eyes, but my daughter wanted buttons, and so buttons it is.

Coraline is almost finished. Coraline’s hair needs to be trimmed, and I need to complete her legs, boots, and create the arms, and fingers. I’m looking forward to crochet fingers, since I’ve never done that before.

Hopefully I’ll have this completed by Friday, perfect timing for us to watch Coraline the movie, again!  Yesterday, my daughter was sick, so she stayed home from school. We watched the movie, instead of waiting until Friday.

Will I make another Coraline? Of course, I adored the book, and have had fun creating the first Coraline for my daughter, but I want one for myself.

With my crocheted Coraline, I’ll be making some modifications with the Coraline I create; different hair, outfit, facial expression, I’m looking forward to making one for myself.

Where can I get the free pattern for amigurumi Coraline?

This pattern is a free design by Sharon Ojalo, if you haven’t checked out her website, Homemade Obsessions, you should. Sharon’s extremely talented, and friendly. I’ve enjoyed chatting with her via Facebook. In addition to the free amigurumi pattern for Coraline (which also has a video tutorial) Sharon also has numerous other free amigurumi crochet patterns, so stop on by her site, and check out what check out her amigurumi patterns.

Sites I’m linking too

  1. Tami Amis WIP
  2. Yarn Along
  3. Frontier Dreams
  4. Crochet Addicts CFS
  5. The Crochet Way
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LOVE this! LOVE the hair especially! The color of the hair is way cool! Your daughter is more beautiful by the day!
Jennifer recently posted..Mango Chia Smoothie


Oh my goodness! Your daughter has grown so much! Beautiful girl! 🙂

So I am kind of commenting on many of the previous posts here. I think it is so cool that you are crocheting. I attempted to learn how to crochet when I was a teen, and just didn’t have the patience to stick with it. And now I lack the time. *sigh* However, I may give it another shot one of these days. Seems more productive way to “chill out” than playing spider solitaire. 😉
DragonLady recently posted..Maniacal Monday #4


Surprise??? Ooooooo 🙂 I will drop you an email 🙂 Thanks girl!
Jennifer recently posted..Hero Card

Paula @ KnitandSeek

Oh, she looks great! If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman, you should really check out The Graveyard Book — it’s such an awesome read. Enjoy finishing up your doll!
Paula @ KnitandSeek recently posted..Work in Progress Wednesday v.92

Marie/Underground Crafter

It’s looking great so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing your version with mods.
Marie/Underground Crafter recently posted..Doubts

Minding My Own Stitches

Very cute! Your hair looks very convincing; sometimes people don’t put enough hair and then it looks lifeless!
Minding My Own Stitches recently in progress Wednesday


Your daughter is so beautiful and the doll is coming out fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing her finished. Ahh, it was only days ago when I thought she was just a disembodied head! 😉


Oh how fun 🙂 My son is supposed to be working on an amiguri Wimpy Kid 🙂 I am not sure why he stopped!
Rachel recently posted..In Memoriam 1921-2012


Coraline is looking great! The hair is fantastic and your daughter is really cute 🙂
Liz recently posted..WIP Wednesday 31 and Yarn Along


Yes, your daughter is going to be one pretty lady, that’s for sure…and so sweet of you to make all these lovely stuff for her. Certainly means so much more than those commercially-bought ones – these works of heart, money just can’t buy.
suituapui recently posted..Ketipang payung…


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