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Posted by on February 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm.

A few moments ago, I met with the the director of our Lutheran church’s  Passion Play. Because of both of our schedules we haven’t had a chance to chat in person.

I didn’t say too much about my sewing history since he already knows that  I started hand sewing when I was six years old. I started machine sewing at the age of eight.  Had my designs featured in local shows, boutiques, etc.,  I can say all the things I can do. Anyone can say that… but the proof will be my creations, right?

Now that we’ve had a chance to meet, I can start making those costumes. Instead of four, I’ll now be making five. I’m looking forward to the opportunity since it gives me a chance to flex my costuming skills and more importantly sew!

It looks like my dreams of dressing the wealthy Mary Magdalene in first century finery is crumbling since her costume will be used for the scene in where the demons are cast out of her. But… I can have a little fun with that since he told me he wants the costume to have a jagged edge to the sleeves and hem. I’m thinking of using a tiny rolled hem on the jagged edges…


Unbleached muslin


But we’ll see… I’ll make a mockup of her outfit in muslin and play around with those jagged edges.



The fifth costume I’m making, will be for a demon; one of those that was cast out of Mary. I readily admit that demons and the role they’ve played within the Bible and throughout history has fascinated me.

The demons scene will be brief.  Of course… the demon is evil, and the director wants him to be hidden within his clothing. I can do that.  I ran a few ideas by him how that could be achieved and he seemed to like them. We’ll see how it transfers onto fabric. I’ll most likely will make a mockup of that costume too, before creating the real thing.


I must say I’m looking forward to this experience, since it combines a multitude of things I enjoy, history, costume design, and because I research everything it gives me a new look at some familiar figures of the Holy Bible.


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