And we're back; vacation ends

True to my word, I stayed away from the computer while I was on vacation. I had a great time visiting family. On my mothers side, many of us meet in South Carolina. I had a few relatives asking me was I still doing the Vegan thing. You think, they would stop after all these years right? I’ve been veggie since 1992. 😉

I didn’t get around to making any beaded jewelry as I had hoped. I was on the run the majority of the time while visiting family in South Carolina, and now I think I need to take at least a day to recover from our vacation.

My daughter and I had a fabulous time, hanging out with my parents, my brother, and my sweet little three-year old nephew. I took plenty of pictures, made plenty of vegan dishes that were gobbled up by my daughter and some of my non veggie family too.

Now, I’m back home, catching up on emails from clients, and thinking about squeezing in a nap at some point. 😉

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Welcome home! I have been lazy and neglectful to my feeds though I have been wanting to email you and ask how your trip was! I’ve been battling with my stupid AC unit lol and I’m so tired this week/end.

I was born in SC, Charleston to be exact. Where about is your family around? I’ve lived all over SC I miss it a lot. I was thinking of it yesterday with nostalgia.


@kaozz – We were in Manning/Summerton, South Carolina..
I can relate to trying to get caught up with feeds. It can be a challenge at times. I do try to pop by and comment (when I can) so my blog pals know I’ve been there.