Angry Birds; What’s on my crochet hooks?

Posted by on April 17, 2012 at 9:50 am.

I’m so thrilled with how the amineko’s turned out. Because of that, I’m crocheting more amigurumis (crocheted toys).

Angry Birds

Since I have the beginner amigurumi kinks worked out; I’ve started making a Red Angry Bird, for my five-year old nephew. I’ve completed the red, and most of the white section.

I would have finished the Red Angry Bird yesterday, but I need to pick up the eyes before I can continue.

Most of the Angry Bird patterns that I’ve seen assume you know how to make a magic circle, single crochet, and how to decrease crochet stitches. Those requirements, seem to be common with amigurumi patterns.

Searching the term, Crochet Angry Birds, will bring a lot of search results…

Which can be overwhelming, when they only thing you want is a simple crochet pattern. It shows just how popular these little critters are. I was one of those folks, who was out of the loop for a while. Anyway, It was hard to weed through all those patterns, but I was finally able to do it yesterday, while my daughter was resting.

Free Angry Bird Crochet patterns

Currently I’m working on this free Red Angry Bird pattern on Queenie Chan’s website. She also has a White Angry Bird crochet pattern, I’ll be crocheting that one too, but big red is up first since that’s my nephews favorite. I did find the Black Bomb Angry Bird pattern on Ravelry. It’s also free, but you have to be a Ravelry user; My Ravelry user name, is Opalt. I will make the Black Angry Bird next, since he likes it almost as much as the Red Angry Bird.

I still don’t know too much about the Angry Birds. I know it’s a game, and my daughter recently started playing it, and although I’ve looked over her shoulder as she plays, it hasn’t interested me enough to participate. 😉 I thought I’d read something about an Angry Bird movie or was that a TV series… anyway it looks like these birds will be here for a while.

Potential copyright issues..

When I first started seeing the patterns, I became concerned since Angry Birds, are indeed copyrighted. However, the official twitter page of Angry Birds/Rovio regularly tweets the picture of fan created Angry Birds. I’ve seen numerous types of materials used. Which seems to be a smart move on their part, since Angry Bird fans, are indirectly promoting the game through the art they’ve created. It’s how I found out about Angry Birds. I didn’t know what the crafter was talking about, so I did a Google search.

However, if you try to profit from your Angry Birds, if they find out, don’t be surprised if you run into some legal issue. I’ve already heard instances where this has happened.

Already thinking about Christmas

I’m going to start making hand-crafted Christmas items. I’d mentioned it, a few months ago, and yesterday Nicky another crafty lady, wrote down her Crafty handmade Christmas list, and so I’ll be doing the same.  Last evening, after my daughter went to bed, I was able to complete one Christmas present; a scarf, so now I have something else to add to my Finished Object Friday. Since my daughter reads this site, her name will most likely be left off the list. 😉

Question: Is anyone else getting a jump-start on their Christmas list?


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