Apple ginger lemonade and no pizza cravings…

Posted by on March 16, 2014 at 5:43 pm.

Today after church, my daughter had a play date at our house.

Homemade Pizza_7

Recycled picture.. not what I made today but very similar. Click on the picture to see when I made the above pizza.

I prepared a pineapple, apple, mango and grape juice for her and her friend and they devoured the juice along with the homemade pizza I prepared for them. The pizza looked amazing but you know something I didn’t have any at all. Take that, candida!

What happened to the juice?  It did the famous disappearing act. I was a bit disappointed, since I was planning on taking a picture of that, but they consumed it before I could get my camera.  Lesson learned… take the picture before you tell them that their juice is ready. I must say, that I’m thrilled that my daughter’s friend like the juice she’s a very particular about what she’ll consume.

A few days ago, I made a juice blend that I call Apple ginger lemonade.  It’s not too sweet,  the two lemons bring in the tart and ginger rounds it out with a bit of spice. We love that! Fruity drinks aren’t something I normally make for myself. Those who know me, know that when I’m juicing I mainly consume dark leafy greens, in fact some might call my drinks bitter. However I’ve gotten used to them and actually crave them.


The past week or so I have taken a detour and have been including freshly juiced sweet drinks, such as the one above. It was interesting to read what Dr. Morse had to say about fruit and candida and I must say my candida didn’t go haywire when I did occasionally juice only fruits for my drink. Despite consuming fruit drinks made with my juicer, I was still expelling candida, based on some candida experts this should not be happening at all. Interesting indeed…

You know, I’m betting the drink below would make an awesome natural soda. What do you think?

Apple ginger lemonade

  • 8 apples
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 2″ ginger
  • 2 lemons


  1. Juice all produce
  2. Serve and enjoy

All the produce used are high in anti-oxidants, the spinach supplies iron, calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin A and numerous other nutrients that our bodies crave. So what are you waiting for? Start juicing! It’s a delicious way to combat the common cold and other ailments , so consider adding this to your juicing routine.

My daughter loves this juice and I’ll definitely be adding it to the frozen fruit pops I make for her when the weather is a bit warmer.

Guess what? They’re calling for more snow today, in fact the temperature has been steadily dropping! Whee!




  • Jennifer says:

    That’s wonderful about no pizza cravings. I cannot say the same, however, I will be posting about my pizza adventure today or tomorrow. It was still vegan, tho! I don’t do “pizza’s” very often but the place we went did a vegan pizza with vegan cheese and it’s the very first one I’ve ever had ‘out’ at a restaurant so I was pretty excited. BUT…it was my birthday after all…so I cheated a bit 🙂 teehee.
    Jennifer recently posted..What’s Growing In My Kitchen & Produce Nook


    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer, I’m actually craving them now, that kicked in when I stared at the yummy picture on your blog, but I’m craving a raw pizza. Have you ever made raw onion rings? Oh my goodness, those can be good if prepared correctly. I remember making them during my all raw days.
    Opal recently posted..Keeping it simple: Avocado salad


    Jennifer Reply:

    Oops! Sorry! Eeeeeek!

    Oh! Raw Onion Rings! I think I might try those soon because I have some Onions I need to use quick! I also saw someone do Celery – dry it – then grind it – and use in place of salt. I’m not a salt person to begin with – but – I think the idea is a good one!
    Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Pizza – Pizza Plant – Williamsville, NY


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