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Upcoming Road Trip…

Today is my daughter’s first official day of Spring Break. It’s nice to have some extra time with her. We’re about to head about for a road trip, but before we make that jaunt,w e’ll pop by and visit with an older friend and after that? Who knows where Naomi (my Toyota Prius) will take […]

An unexpected financial surprise? No problem…

About two weeks ago, when receiving my paycheck, I noticed that my take home pay was $0. I immediately knew what happened. Open enrollment had ended in early March and while I have taken advantage of all the programs that my job offers upon being hired (I signed up that next day) the Open Enrollment […]

Prius update

Well, earlier today, I received an unexpected blessing from the place where I purchased my Toyota Prius. I won’t have to pay the full price to get the inverter filter replaced. How awesome is that? I’ll be taking the vehicle in later this week.The used car dealership uses the same auto mechanic that I do. […]

Preparing for the unexpected: 2003 Toyota Prius Error Codes P3125 & P3130

Wasn’t I just writing about setting side money for the unexpected incidents in life? Well, this past Saturday, my Toyota Prius gave me this error code… Needless to say, I wasn’t driving that anywhere until I got the codes read. I finally got them read today from Autozone. Error Codes P3125 Inverter Malfunction P3130 Inverter […]

Achieving goals: Turning dreams into reality

This is my second week back working the job that carries me out of the home. I’d been off for a few months. If you follow Dave Ramsey, he would call this a “Dave Job,” and while he encourages people to acquire a second job (if needed) to get out of debt, this isn’t why […]

Long term vacation planning, Europe or…?

This afternoon, I asked my daughter where she’d like to go on vacation once she graduated high school. That’s four years from and that gives me more than enough time me to save. She rattled down a few places; Hawaii, Bahamas, Bermuda… and then her eyes widened and she said, “London!”  Right now London, is […]

Dry Erase boards and YNAB update

I’m a planner. I tend to write things down. My daughter is the same. If I’m away from home and don’t have pen and paper available, I’ll send myself a text using my phone. Outside of texting my daughter, it’s about the only time I use my text function or any other “smart features” that […]