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Homeschooling in full swing

This is my daughter’s first year of homeschooling and she is really enjoying it immensely. Things are starting to settle down for the both of us and I’m slowly trying to incorporate blog writing back into my schedule. I had “penned” it in for earlier this week, however, I never got around to writing anything […]

A new (to me) Planner: Franklin Covey Day Planner

In my last post, I mentioned that I was acquiring a planner and here it is, says hello to my ‘new to me’ Franklin Covey (Classic) Day Planner.  After a lot of research, I decided that my planner of choice would be a Franklin Covey and although I was impressed with the videos and written […]

It’s not about the planner

Your plan means nothing, if you don’t put them into action. I’ve always been a planner. Whether I keep a list in my head or write it down on paper, for myself, I found my productivity is best when I have a plan. It keeps me accountable. However, you can write down numerous things and […]

…decently and in order

When it comes to work, just as with my budgeting habits I try to stay on top of things since I’ve found being efficient is much better than “flying by the seat of my pants.” A few days ago, I stumbled upon a new to me software titled, Harvest. I must say the title appealed […]

It’s Amazon PrimeDay!

It’s Amazon PrimeDay!  Amazon has been promoting this day for several months. There are a limited amount of products available for the items that are reduced and you have to make the purchase in a few short hours, so in some cases you have to act quickly, otherwise the items will be sold out. Today, […]

New Credit Card: 666, the mark of my credit score

As mentioned, in May of this year, I acquired a credit card. I hadn’t had one for years. As l already mentioned in earlier posts, I stopped using it because my debit card did exactly what a credit card did with the added bonus that it came directly out of my checking account, just how I […]

July 4, 2017: It’s Independence Day!

My daughter and I aren’t planning on doing too much today. We will most likely go and view fireworks this evening and she’s been asking for cheese steak so I do believe I’ll make that for her. Of course, we’ll most likely watch a show that focuses on this holiday and simply enjoy spending time […]