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So… I have a credit card

I recently wrote about the fact that I haven’t had a credit card in years. In fact, the short period of time that I did have one (perhaps one or two years?) I didn’t use the card that much and simply stopped using it since the debit card was doing the same thing, the only […]

Eight Grade Graduation: School is over

My daughter successfully completed the eight grade. My goodness, where has the time gone? Sometimes, it seems like just the other day when she was born. Her eighth grade graduation was last Thursday. Besides her daily chores, she’s spending her days relaxing. For her graduation gift, her grandparents (my parents) purchased her a laptop computer. […]

Another year

Today is my daughter’s fourteenth birthday. Sometimes, it feels like ‘just the other day’ when she was born. It’s so wonderful to see how much she’s grown and seeing her talents shine. She’s  good listener and her friends tend to come to her when they just need to talk. They know she won’t share their […]

Harpers Ferry: Vacation on a Budget

This fall, my daughter and I will be going on a short vacation. It’ll be about two to three days and will land on the days when I don’t work out of the home. I recently picked up an additional job that has me working out of the home for a few days each week. […]

Adventures in homeschooling…

Later this year, my daughter will be entering the ninth grade and she will be homeschooled. She approached me about 1.5 years ago and told me it’s what she’d like to do. Her reasoning being she wants to finish school a bit earlier and the freedom to move at her own pace, which tends to […]

Live like no one else so one day you LIVE like no one else…

Although I’m not on social media that much, I do participate in a few forums that are beneficial. Besides the obvious crafting forums; spinning, weaving and sewing. I am a member of a few financial forums made up of people who are just as weird and frugal as I am. Quite a few within the […]

Upcoming Road Trip…

Today is my daughter’s first official day of Spring Break. It’s nice to have some extra time with her. We’re about to head about for a road trip, but before we make that jaunt,w e’ll pop by and visit with an older friend and after that? Who knows where Naomi (my Toyota Prius) will take […]