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Planetary Herbology and my love of herbs

This year, this book turns 30 years old. (It still smells faintly of Nag Champa incense.) I met the author, in 1997, at a local New Age store, which is also where I purchased the book. That year also began my journey into aromatherapy, becoming a certified aromatherapist (a course taken at the same store) […]

Vegan: Salad Sandwich

Last evening, I finally got around to making a salad. The beauty of this quick meal is that it can be eaten plain or you can create a sandwich, see! My daughter and I opted for a sandwich. What’s in it? Cucumbers, kale, yellow onion, red bell peppers, and hummus. The hummus was made by […]

Vegan: Teff porridge

Earlier today, I made Teff for my daughter and myself.   Teff originated in Ethiopia and is a tiny seed that you can cook and eat like a porridge. I’ve seen it made in numerous other ways such as cookies, crackers and also in combination with meats and vegetables. To this dish, I added a […]

Vegetarian: My daughter made butternut squash & garbanzo bean enchiladas

Two days ago, my daughter prepared a delightful Mexican meal. What did she make? Butternut squash & garbanzo bean enchiladas. She made the majority of leftovers. Tuesday, I’d made a butternut squash curry and so my daughter used that as her base. Monday, she used the garbanzo bean chili I made to add to the […]

Vegan: Chili and eggrolls

Yesterday, I made a big pot of vegan chili and some egg rolls. The chili was about eight quarts. I made that amount purposely so there would be plenty of leftovers to freeze. I made about 16 egg rolls and my daughter demolished at her mealtime. I’d say they were a hit. My 14-year-old daughter […]

Used cars: I always purchase used (reliable) cars

I must say that I was thrilled when I saw this used car commercial towards the end of last year. The woman in the commercial and I have had two things in common. We both drive used cars and we listen to classical music while driving. Classical music is about all I listen to when […]

Two week challenge for my daughter: Consuming whole foods only

I must say that I’m excited because my daughter is joining me on a tasty journey of only eating whole foods. I challenged her to two weeks. Granted, our daily eating habits do a good job reflecting this, however, for the next two weeks, it’s only going to be whole foods (straight from the natural […]