Because I couldn’t help myself…

I signed up for another one of Sarah’s lovely pattern tests. I’ve managed to crochet a few rows, but will complete the project this weekend.

Of course it’s a crocheted hat, it’s what pulled me into her designs in the first place. Sarah’s crochet designs are so lovely, that I tend to want to make whatever I see on her design page, but since reality tells me this isn’t possible I’ve purchased the ones I like the most, and have tossed them in my long term projects pile.

I thought I had the yarn for the project, I didn’t since the yarn I was planning to use was given to my daughter. I’m supporting her interest in crochet, by giving her some of my yarn. She has her own little fabric/yarn stash.  Since my preferred colors were taken,  I’m using alternate colors. Over the past few weeks, my daughters crochet projects have gotten more complicated,  and I’m more than willing to support this creative habit…within reason of course. At this rate, she’ll surpass me with her crochet skills. 😉

I’m really looking forward to getting lost in Sarah’s lovely designs. I adore colorwork, and aside from a few ‘playing with stitches sessions’ when I tossed in random colors for a few of the crocheted doll dresses I’ve made, I haven’t done any crochet colorwork to blog about… this lovely crocheted hat will change that.

Crochet comic_1

Crochet comic_2

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Funny cartoon.

Karen occasionally mentions men that are active quilters, one quite prolific, including on blogs and forums. In fact, as I started writing this, she began quoting what “Tim” said on his blog about people taking quilting too seriously, citing this rule and that rule. In short, he said that there is only one rule, “Have fun.”
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curls and q

Q – LOL! Can’t wait to see the hat.
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[…] in progress both crocheted and knitting. I was able to experiment with crochet colorwork thanks to Sarah’s lovely pattern test. It’s been a extremely busy weekend for my daughter with piano recitals, singing at our […]