Beekeeping: Informative videos for the new beekeeper

Posted by on April 7, 2013 at 6:25 am.

Say hello to one of the newest members of the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association.

This morning, I paid my fee and joined the association. I also requested a mentor to help guide me through the newbie process. Bees, ants and spiders are some of my favorite insects so you know I’m counting down the days until I receive my honeybees! I feel there’s so much to do before my girls arrive.

Langstroth beehive illustration

Langstroth beehive illustration

Currently I’m trying to decide what beehive I should purchase. Being crafty, I do want to make it myself… they’re quite a few patterns/plans available for those wanting to do that and I’m quite handy with woodworking tools but I think I’ll purchase my first hive. I most likely will purchase the traditional Langstroth beehive.

Diagram of a beehive

Diagram of a beehive

Eventually, if I add more hives, I’ll make my own.

Over the years, I’ve watched numerous videos related to beekeeping and have come to recognize some of the respected bee experts in the field. So while I haven’t had my own bees, I kept my finger on the pulse of this buzzing community. 😉

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a few informative videos that are geared towards a new beekeeper.  The first video is focused on installing your beehive. I’ve seen numerous videos about bees, so I’m not new to watching bee installation videos. I never was a fan of shaking bees out of their temporary home to place them in their new hive. I wasn’t afraid of them possibly getting angry…

Azure B., LLC: Installing a three pound package of bees

I was mainly looking for a gentler approach since I wanted to minimize the chances of hurting the honeybees and this video shows that! What’s interesting is that I’d thought of doing something similar with my new honeybees so it’s nice to see an established beekeeper already incorporating this when they are moving them to their new home.


Azure B., LLC: Where to place my beehive(s)?

I really liked seeing a young child involved with beekeeping, such a nice change since I see many kids (an adults too) parked on a chair with their heads buried in a mobile device, on the computer, or watching television!

And added bonus is Azure B., LLC is located in Maryland.

I enjoyed reading Azure’s about page…

as community members, we connect with others on the same path and find ways to make it cheaper and easier for all of us to do better things for everyone.

as capitalists, we buy products and services wrought only from honorable intentions.

as business owners, we reclaim old fashioned values. We cater to our clients and feel blessed every day for their interest and confidence. We work to provide you with exceptional quality, value and service so you keep coming back.

as contributors, we affect change. It’s pretty righteous stuff!

Marbury, Maryland is about two hours away from our location so it won’t be a quick trip for us… However, my daughter and I will eventually make a trip to check out their business and offer helping hands to help them with beekeeping activities. I’m looking forward to the experience.



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