Beginner Crochet: Completed hat and cape for Monster High doll; Draculaura

Monster High Draculaura

Since I’ve gotten back into crocheting, I haven’t made too many items, but I’ve decided to show the one above. I used three stitches with this ensemble;¬†Crochet chain, single crochet, and double crochet. My gauge is still off, as can be seen in the ‘crocheted hat’ it’s not a lace crochet pattern, but look at how ‘holey’ it is! ūüôā¬† I know in time I will get better. I just have to keep practicing.

You want to know something? ¬†This past Sunday, when I started crocheting, I wasn’t planning on making an outfit, I just wanted to practice crocheting…¬†However, as the rows accumulated, I thought about Draculaura (one of my daughters Monster High dolls)¬†and I realized that the pale pink yarn would compliment her outfit, makeup, and skin tone. I now had a crochet project!

My crochet skills are limited, because of this I’m not making anything fancy, at least not yet. In reality, the hat, and cape are crocheted squares. To make the hat, I stitched three corners together with a tapestry needle (using the same yarn). While I realize I can make a proper hat (stitching in a circular pattern) I haven’t become confident enough to do so. In time I will. The cape is a larger square. I simply attached a flower button to one end, and a yarn loop on the other side.

I was planning on wrapping this up and adding it to the pile of handcrafted gifts that are under our Christmas tree, but instead I gave it to my daughter. She was so excited about her early Christmas gifts that she immediately clothed Draculaura in her new outfit. I quickly crocheted some hair ribbons using the same yarn (which I hadn’t made at the time I took this picture) and my daughter put her dolls hair in two ponytails.

I’m sewing clothes for some of my daughters dolls, and I’ve decided to add crochet trim, to some of the outfits for Draculaura. I should be finished that today, I’ll wrap them up in one of the “clothing trunks” I made for a few of her dolls, and slip the completed items (wrapped of course) under the Christmas tree.

Beginning Crochet Videos

If you’re interested in learning crochet, I’d suggest you check out Youtube videos created by¬†Crochet. She has some informative crochet videos including videos on beginning crochet stitches. I really enjoy them since they walk me through the entire process.

Mrs. G, from my quilting group was kind enough to show me several crochet stitches. However she’s not always available, and so I can refer to the YouTube videos, when I need assistance with crochet.


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Just put this on stumbleupon – it looks awesome! Your work does complement the doll well.

Also: thanks so much for the comments on my site. I do game and will have more Skyrim tales and guides up soon. I figure that’s an appropriate present.
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