Beginning and an end…

Posted by on October 19, 2015 at 7:33 pm.

This afternoon I made this pumpkin and potato curry and while it tastes delightful just how it is, I will be adding a bit more to the dish tomorrow.

Pumpkin Curry.10.19.15

Vegan: Pumpkin and potato curry

I snapped this photo right after I cut up the pumpkin (which came from the garden) and the potatoes. Currently, this is setting in the refrigerator, by the time I reach for it tomorrow it should really be delightful since the herbs and spices have a chance to marinate. So this is my “beginning project.”

Satin Stiched emblem

Using satin stitch to attach an emblem

I also have a project that came to an end. This was one for the BF. Actually, it did not have much of a beginning. I used one of my sewing machines to attach this emblem to a hooded sweatshirt. I used the satin stitch. I have one sewing machine that does the satin stitch; however, I used the sewing machine that does the zigzag stitch. I changed the length and width so that it was able to mimic the satin stitch.

I’m including two different videos that show how this can be accomplished using the zigzag stitch. My daughter keeps pestering me about making my own videos so that I don’t have to keep hunting and posting an appropriate video.



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