Being creative: Making more cards…

During my “down time” on Sunday, I was able to make a few more cards.



Here’s one of the simple cards that I made for my BF. You know something? I’ve had this stamp used to make this card for almost four years.

Recycled photo: Card I made almost four years ago


It’s the Berry Happy Hedgehog from the Clear Stamp collection. Remember when I mentioned that we said we would start sending each other hand-written letters? Well… we’ve kept our promise to each other.

This card was  very simple to make and it used one of my clear stamps that I adore. I also made a matching envelope. I wrote my note that evening and mailed it from work yesterday, he should receive it tomorrow.  I trotted off to finance office and paid them the .50 for postage. Last evening, the BF told me that he’d mailed me a card also. I should receive mine tomorrow also. Yeah!

This evening, I have another card to make and that will be for Jennifer. I received a letter from her on Sunday. I must say it was nice to receive a letter from my blogging pal. My cards are not as fancy as hers; however, I’ll have fun making hers and writing her a note.

While I enjoyed making the above card, I must say that I’m not happy with the pencils I used to complete the project. They were actually my daughters art pencils. They’re great, but I really miss markers. My daughter is a talented artist, but she much prefers sketching with pencils.

Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set
Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set


Because of that, I’m finally going to break down and purchase some Copics Markers. I’m looking at the set that has 36. They’re a bit pricey, at $136; however, I have heard nothing but good things about them… and you can purchase refills!

Houe Mouse Christmas Stamp
Christmas Tale by House Mouse Designs


I also need to stock up on ink pads and perhaps a few more clear stamps? I’m quite fond of House Mouse designs, so I most likely will purchase a few of those.

I’m nudging you Jennifer! can you recommend some good brands for inkpads and perhaps some clear stamps? I have not purchased either in a few years.

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Great creations! Lovely! Yup! Those are the mouse stamps I thought you were referring to! I have one of them that is cute I will have to see if I can find it. I will ponder the brands of stamps and other markers and send them as I find them. I know what you mean about the Copics I was so fascinated with them and still am but YES they are expensive. As for my favorite colored pencils I emailed you about them and will try and get more brand suggestions, soon, too! Thanks so much for the shout out 🙂
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