Believe Big: Painting mugs for cancer patients at Amazing Glaze

Today my daughter, her friend O and I went to Amazing Glaze and designed and painted cups for cancer patients.  If you’ve been following this site for some time, you might already know that I  knit hats for cancer patients and NICU babies, but participating in being creative with the cups we paint means my daughter ( and her friends when we invite them) can participate also. You can decorate/paint the cup however you like and the only requirement is that you include the word, Believe, somewhere on the cup.

Believe Big, is the organization that partners with numerous crafty companies to make this possible. I learned about Believe Big, through the Small Group Leader at the Lutheran Church where I’m a member. We arrived late. Why? That morning, my daughter’s friend had a swim meet but since I’d let the organizer know in advance, there were chairs/table set aside for all three of us. It was nice to see church members, from various ministry groups all getting creative at Amazing Glaze.

Believe Big is a wonderful organization. I really the statement (that I’ve included below) that appears on their website…

What Are Believe Mugs?
Believe Big is passionate about encouraging patients and their families to seek God in the midst of their pain. We bring spiritual and emotional refreshment to patients by distributing Believe Mugs that are hand-painted by children and adults within our community. Each beautifully decorated mug contains the “I Will Have No Fear” prayer.
Our prayer is that each time a patient uses a mug, he or she is reminded to believe that with God all things are possible, and that people within the community care. With your help we will be able to encourage over 1,000 patients and their families this year!


What a powerful message and it’s so true, anything is possible with God.

You want to know something? Initially, I thought I’d be waiting on my daughter and her friend to finish designing their mugs, but much to my surprise, they were finished before me!  They waited (somewhat impatiently) for me to complete mine. Once our cups were finished they were set aside to be glazed and eventually passed on to the Believe Big organization.

There are several businesses within Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York, that contribute to this wonderful organization, so if you’re in one of these states and would like to become involved with something such as this. Check to see if there are businesses within your area that offer this service.

The lady that took care of us, told me that the mugs from our group would be posted on Facebook. I haven’t been on there in a few days, but I’ll be sure to log on and check out what others have created. I must say the people that worked at Amazing Glaze were extremely friendly. I liked the it so much that my daughter and I will be going back there to make personalized mugs for ourselves.

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Here, they have this programme for people to go bald for donations to raise funds in aid of the foundation that helps cancer patients,
suituapui recently posted..Hey ya…


Oops! I left the comment for the Mugs on the wrong post! Sorry! Just wanted to hit this one up, too!

Always looking for more ways to help those going thru tough times! Thanks for making me aware of this!
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