Black Bean stir fry; simple and delicious

Yesterday, I made a simple but tasty black bean vegetable stir fry on our wood stove.

Black Bean stir fry
Black Bean stir fry


I pulled out my cast iron skillet.  It’s about as old as my hand hammered stainless steel wok. This skillet is over twenty years old. I’ve had it since college. Besides black beans, I added other ingredients such as garlic, red onion, ginger, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, and other ingredients such as tomatoes. My daughter ate two bowls and asked for me to make it again today.

I dislike canned beans. When I cook my dried beans, I tend to make a large batch and use throughout the week. This past Thursday, I’d prepared these dried black beans on our wood stove. I cook my dried beans in large batches, and freeze into meal sized portions which are then consumed throughout the week.

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WOW! This sounds and looks fantastic! Right up my Alley!
Jennifer recently posted..Bear Encounter, Juneteenth Vendor Showcase, and Beautiful Spring!


Ahhhh!!!! Just had that yesterday. The Chinese way – we cook it in soup – simmer the dried beans till soft. I hear they have some health benefits – good to eat regularly.
suituapui recently posted..Not sure…