Breakfast; Tilapia with Pasta and Lemon ginger sauce

Posted by on April 15, 2012 at 6:57 am.

We don’t always eat the traditional ‘breakfast food’ for our breakfast, in fact traditional breakfast foods rarely make an appearance in our household…

Tilapia pasta

Tilapia with Pasta and Lemon ginger sauce

This is what my daughter had for yesterdays breakfast…

I added a few ounces of tilapia (fish) to the dish. I also added broccoli, cauliflower, sweet onions, with some herbs and seasonings. I thought about adding grated carrots for additional color, but in the end… I left it as is.

I made a fragrant lemon ginger sauce, to pour over the dish.  The sauce was delicate, and complimented the other ingredients nicely. My daughter loves lemons.  My daughter enjoyed her dish, and asked for seconds, and later thirds.

Of course, I made a vegan version, but mine didn’t have tilapia.

This healthy meal, made a delicious breakfast. What’s even better? From start to finish, this meal was on the table in less than fifteen minutes.



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